Aion Game Service Agreement Login Error Affects Thousands Of Users

Aion has been riddled with bugs and the latest one is one of the most annoying so far. Nobody can truly understand what’s really happening, but what’s clear is that the Aion Game Service Agreement is not there. Older accounts are just fine, but when new users sign up it’s like hell. Many users report that they have signed up, automatically log into their accounts, the accounts are just fine, but when they try to log in again they receive an error which says that “You must agree to the Aion game service agreement to proceed.”

The weirdest thing is that you cannot click anywhere, you cannot read anything, and nobody knows nothing of a so-called Aion game service agreement. Aion was brought online just a few hours ago, and we kinda expected some problems, but this is just too much. At the moment there is no official statement about this bug therefore we cannot provide any workarounds. We’re surfing the forums searching for solutions, and stay tuned as we will let you know as soon as we find them!

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