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America's Army 3

Uncle Sam was always ingenious when it came about U.S. Army deepening row with us Jarheads, and can not was no coincidence when it launched on July 4, 2002 the original America’s Army, right on the Independence Day. The game was developed by the U.S. Army, and took the form of a completely free multiplayer FPS. Obviously, the real purpose of this propaganda game was visible a mile, through its U.S. Army following the familiarization and indoctrination of potential recruits who wanted to experiment on their skin all the gargling of duty to the country, from people, defense of democratic values (not to say that its imposition by force), and a bunch of other sites typical American patriotism.

The undersigned has no intention and above, no play button reluctantly to the above mentioned, at the time of his appearance, being more concerned to share shots with friends generously in the phenomenon that time, stopped in the yard Valve, Counter-Strike, to be exact. Instead, we enjoyed the full America’s Army 2, I button, and it is true, on my old Xbox. I was still impressed by it, with a great emphasis on tactics; plan strategically and last but not least, a high degree of realism on all fronts. Indeed, the game had a single player campaign that instantly caught me, leaving me feeling that I was indeed a team of soldiers who rely on me to lead them in battle and to be a role model. Realistic behavior of the weapons, game play micromanagement and complex team made me to spend countless hours with this title.

However, we do not under scrutiny or America’s Army first nor the second, but America’s Army 3, that between you and me, is like a kind of conversion of the original. The game was released on June 17, 2009, under the same pattern for free, and a lot of bugs and other technical and gameplay issues. Even I can not imagine how an institution so powerful and well funded U.S., Army, was able to launch the first game optimized and stable, because now, more than two years after its appearance the game is still annoying bugs parasitized by various. When I flow this, the game received a major patch that has corrected some problems and unfinished issues, the game client is now at version 3.2.

Not for nothing that says that the game was designed as a conversion of the original, so that made the transition to Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine, adopted centuries ago by a bunch of other games, and at the same time, the game’s multiplayer back to its roots. Single player campaign is sublime, but is lacking, apart from several stages of training which it is optional. Any self-respecting player will necessarily complete the training, because they will not only familiar with the mechanics of combat realistic, but you will progress and status in the game. Moreover, the gun fired samples have to pass, you will unlock this weapon is now qualified to use it on the ground in the fight. There are specific tests of certain weapons, for further elaboration.

For example, if you were qualified for use M4A1 with sight tactical rifles m64, this attachment is available anytime you’ll want to attach gun. We also have courses in first aid and resuscitation of soldiers incapacitated, all these samples MOAT course culminating in which you apply everything you learned in a simulated battlefield. You can go straight into multiplayer without filling in any sample, but in as an unqualified, with cheese in his mouth. You may not use another weapon out of M16A4, you have no access to grenades, fragmentation either, for disability or smoke, do not have access to first aid kit and thus are unable to help your comrades hurt, you can not use M203 grenade launcher, basically, and you get caught with his pants down, in quadrupeds.

Going therefore, the multiplayer itself, we find the word (s) order: Team Battle. You can get your goodbye to the classic deathwatch, this concept alone is not tolerated for all, all about the idea of working in a team, communicating with comrades in arms and offering support and help whenever the situation so requires. The idea of collaboration in the team is even more pronounced, at the expense of neutralizing opponents. Novices will come into play running up and down the ravine in search of opponents all in which to shoot your bullets, but this is not the essential element, but above all, must stay with your team to meet the lens.

Although the maps are few in number, only seven, each has its peculiarities, requiring different approaches each time. Each map is compatible with various game modes, as follows: VIP mode, a team has to extract and safely escort VIP’s, while the other team trying to assassinate him, Take and Hold resembles Conquest the Battlefield, where teams try to dominate as many points of interest on the map, and Secure and Extract is like the classic Capture the Flag. Finally, we Activated Objective, the team’s mission is to capture and maintain an objective, while opponents do everything possible to prevent this. Each game has six rounds, and teams constantly changing role after the third round, to ensure fairness to the players. Tiebreak additional rounds are played only if teams are tied.

In terms of the combatant structure, each part is divided into four teams. The player can choose to join the team in which seats are available (4 people per team) and can choose the role of the team. There position of Team Leader, which are registered under the command of all three teams involved. Team Leader may draw objectives can place all your teammates and re-incarnation points at will. Then we have the position of Fire-Team or Squad Leader, the team made up of four people. Similarly, its attributes are identical to those of the Team’s Leader, Squad Leader Lying each but, under the command’s Team Leader. Then, you play as Rifleman, a man equipped with either M16 rifle or M4 carbine with the function grenadier; soldier wields the M4 carbine with M203 grenade launcher attachment, and finally, Automatic Rifleman, which has a support role with M249SAW automatic machine gun. I left after the fourth team in which snipers are found.

Attention, because here we are not talking about sophisticated sniper rifles we have seen in other titles, but snipers, or rather, precision snipers are equipped with a semi-automatic version equipped with a M14 sniper empty for medium distances thus ensuring the teams to match the real truth. You will not find in game classic sniper lurking at 1 km and you down with a fire sniper here with the team advancing. Authentic, as you said. Equally authentic is the selection of weapons.

Here you will get the G36, MP5, or USP.45 guns, all limited to the weapons used by Americans that we have listed some above. Here we draw attention again to unlock weapons. Even if the first impulse would be to jump immediately into action, is crucial to go through training courses and be qualified for use of all resources. To advance in rank, we Honor system, including all values that U.S. military inspire them his soldiers. Table LDRSIP is what dictates your “loot” from 0 to 100. Each mission will generate a score played, which will enroll in this table LDRSIP (loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, integrity, personal courage).

To increase your value to this table must give proof that you follow exactly the rules that you have learned, for example, helping to capture an objective comrades increases loyalty, healing a wounded comrade selfless service increases, elimination of opponents affects soldiers Courage Personally, etc.. The converse is available, failure loads do not generate points, but may even penalize you for example if you kill an enemy soldier already incapacitated, you will be penalized in Chapter Integrity. Still limited by the degree to which players can reach is Sergeant Major (Principal adjutant warrant), the most advanced level of NCOs.

In other aspects of gameplay, the game is very simple to learn and master. You can soar over obstacles, you can perform controlled slides, evasive moves once you are lying, and more precisely, Spacebar key pressed, the soldier holds his breath for a few moments, leaving you time to better align climbing target gun. HUD is simple, easy, without many things that walk back and forth to distract you, life outside the bar, the weapon fire selector, and mini-map in the corner. What is disturbing, and equally compels you to think twice before you shoot anything that moves, is that opponents can not be identified nor map, nor anywhere else, and friendly fire is always active, so that only And in reality it not? In the intense atmosphere is very easy to get caught, I often found myself unconsciously playing this game late into the night. I assure you will not find anywhere else such a level of impressiveness and fair play as infantry fighting. Overall, the game is worth all the money, oups … but it’s free, and considering this fact, should be tried by all those who call themselves fans of FPS and military simulators.

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