Apocalyptic Real Fallout 3 Head Gear Helmet

Fallout 3 Helmet

It can’t get any more real than this when it comes to playing games and living the experience at the full of its possibilities. The next “device” is the perfect survival gear in case anything goes wrong and the apocalypse comes.

It is in fact a head gear that has its inspiration in the game Fallout 3. The designer, Josh Jay, assured us that it’s nothing more than a helmet and any functionality seen in the game for it is pure science fiction.

But I do think that in case of the apocalypse coming, this will be one great gear to have at home and scare undesired guests.

We also have a request for the designer: I am more a WoW lover, so if he can create some Blizzard content for me that will be great. I always wanted to go with some friends of mine on a raid in the local neighborhood.

Fallout 3 Helmet

Fallout 3 Helmet

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