Apple Announcing iPad 3 On March 7th, Quad-Core A6 CPU And 4G LTE Slated As Possible Specs

iPad 3

Another day goes by, another iPad rumor is here. This time, the details come from a very different source, and they’ve confirmed some information, while some has been debunked. From the beginning, we will tell you that this is just a rumor, and it may or may not be accurate so don’t say you weren’t advised.

iMore is reporting that a reliable source said that the iPad 3 announcement event will take place on Wednesday, March 7th. This falls in line with a previous rumor saying that the iOS-powered tablet will be revealed in the first week of March, because Apple wanted to keep announcing the iPad on a Wednesday in March, and March 7th was the first date available because February has 29 days this year.

The same source confirmed that the iPad 3 will feature a Retina Display with an amazing resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. In order to crush its rivals once again, Apple is also looking to add a quad-core A6 CPU as well as 4G LTE chipset. It appears that the source is convinced that the A6 CPU will be a quad-core, not dual-core like previously rumored because there’s no point in simply optimizing an older CPU at this time. However, 4G LTE is listed as a “possible” feature therefore you shouldn’t count on it just yet.

If this will prove to be true, then Qualcomm will provide the necessary 4G LTE chipsets, however, the iPad 3 with such networking “prowess” will only be available across North America through AT&T, Verizon, Bell, and Rogers. Apple wouldn’t have wanted to release a 4G iPad, however, Verizon insisted because its 3G CDMA network is inferior in speeds than AT&T’s 14.4Mbps network.

Apple may have complied with Verizon’s demands, and we will hear more at the iPad 3 announcement next month.

As for the cameras, the source believes that Apple will keep the same configuration as before because it needs to keep the costs down, otherwise the tablet will no longer be priced at $499. It’s very unlikely that users will have access to a couple of HD Facetime cameras as the casing is still very thin, although it will be 1mm thicker than the one found in the iPad 2.

The iPad 2 will most likely act as a middle-range tablet with a price starting at $399.

Last, but not least, the iPad 3 release date is probably Friday, March 16th, nine days after its launch event. We expect more details to be leaked in the near future so stay tuned.

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