Amazon Appstore Generates Three Times More Revenue Than Google Play

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Amazon Appstore generates an app revenue that is three times bigger that Google Play’s. Meanwhile, Apple and their iTunes Store is still number one when it comes to app developers profit.

Earlier this month Apple was celebrating 25 billion downloads with their over 550,000 applications available in iTunes Store. Google overpassed 10 billion downloads in December 2011, and the Google Play (former Android Market) hosts not less than 400,000 applications. As about the statistics that talks about Amazon Appstore, they come Flurry analytic firm, which conducted a study that focuses on the mobile application revenue and market trends. Apple iTunes Store has the biggest revenue, while Amazon Appstore generates 89% of Apple’s revenue, while Google Play only 23%.

To make it clear, just imagine that for every dollar generated by an application in Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon Appstore makes 0.89 dollars while Google Play earns 0.23 dollars. Anyway it’s not surprising at all, given that a lot of free applications are available in Google Play. On the other hand the same app you will find in iTunes is most of the times cheaper in Google’s app market. Flurry’s study for December 2011, showed that for every dollar generated by Apple Store, Android Market made 24 cents. The survey was based on 11 million active users and popular applications on iOS and Android over a time frame of 45 days.

After looking at the figures, you’d be tempted to say that Google’s former Android Market, now called Google Play, is not very efficient. Well, you should know that the study only counts the venue generated by application purchase, while the advertising inside each store was ignored. Well, Google Play is loaded with ads, thus the developers can afford to offer a certain application at a lower price, then earn even more money from Google ads. That’s why many of the Android developers said that sometimes it’s better to release a free app and earn money from advertising than charging for it.

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