Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Review for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3

Assasssin's Creed Revelations

Assassin’s Creed is more than a simple adventure game, is a medieval fairytale, it’s a story that carries you through a world full of charm and misery, belonging to the long lost Middle Age and the famous Crusades.

Thus, Ubisoft has not only managed to create one of the most successful series in five years but they made the the gamers, over 10 million in number, to identify with Ibn La-Ahad Altair or Ezio Auditore da Firenze, stepping in the shoes of these characters in the story. And now, like any self-respecting franchise, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations will take the story further, at some of it, trying to provide answers to many mysteries that previous episodes have left unanswered.

Although it may seem strange, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is a game of contrasts and this is visible from the early seconds of the game. If you had to do with other titles in the series, surely you remember him on Desmond Miles, bartender kidnapped by a pseudo pharmaceutical company (modern cover for Brotherhood Assassins). Well, Revelations begins with a summary of these events, Miles is still the target of experiments in an attempt to extract even more memories of his ancestors murderers. Unfortunately, something goes wrong and Desmond wakes should be what we might call “a severe case of multiple personalities.” Now living in his body so his conscience Miles and Altair and Ezio’s ones. A dangerous combination that can bring the former bartender at the stage of vegetables. To save, Animus, I probe the mind machine is quickly transformed into a haven for wounded consciousness of Miles, the only place it can exist yet. And so, waking up alone on a desert shore, surrounded by a landscape abstract, Desmond is met by “subject 16″, a name suggestive of a little character at least mysterious.

16 explains why they are here and that what he sees around the nucleus is not nothing but animus, initial test program, the only thing that stands between Miles and vegetation on a hospital bed for life. In fact, it seems that something similar happened with 16, only difference is that now the body of the latter no longer exists and consciousness is trapped forever in the Animus. And all of the mysterious or interlocutor, Desmond was, as his only chance of salvation is to explore their own memories and carry out the adventures of his ancestors, so they go away on its own consciousness.

The gameplay is a touch of familiarity, but there are many elements that have undergone major changes. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations does not come with one, two but not more than three characters that you can control. Thus, on one hand will be Desmond Miles who will struggle to recover own conscience and on the other Altair and Ezio will be in the skin which Desmond will have to go to solve more puzzles.

Location is also a known, famous Constantinople, the true capital of the Middle East is again the main stage events, putting his many narrow streets and provide charming bazaars. But unlike previous titles, outside the city can not be explored on horseback, given that this mode of locomotion has completely disappeared.However the difference is not striking and the action leaves little room to explore temptation meanders city.

Another location is very nice made Masyaf Castle, the ancient seat of the assassins, now occupied by the Templars (oups, spoiler) and that in terms of graphics is worth it characterized as a true masterpiece.

Those from Ubisoft have worked hard to make something original with Revelations but without deviating from the line marked so far by other games Assassin’s Creed series. And somehow they managed, the combination of present tense in which Desmond tries to recompose the mind and also a medieval puzzle full of spectacular battles seem to blend perfectly credible, even if things are sometimes taken up to the extreme. In addition, cinematic sequences, devoid of other games have progressed in a remarkable way, being inserted into key moments of the script.

Weapons are a key element of the franchise and they have evolved little in Revelations. Thus, one of the two blades that Ezio always wear them hidden under the sleeves, evolved turning a sharp hook that assassin can use either buildings or to neutralize the escalating quietly in various enemy encounter.

In addition to regular equipment, Ezio can now build and different types of bombs, which more or less interesting, using different ingredients found in Constantinople.But not too much to delight you that using bombs will not help too much, they proved their usefulness in most cases as a diversion rather than as effective ways to neutralize the enemy.
And controls have been modified weapons, both PC version and in the console, which is divided into two categories: one for close combat and weapons used in a fight for the necessary distance.

But as the use of their weapons are as easy to use and not much more difficult enemies to annihilate. What occurs in addition, however, is the system of protection of objectives of assassins controlled. He called in a totally uninspired (den defense) requires placement of troops and obstacles in the key points so that you will attack the Templars to be rejected. Unfortunately, many system likened to a kind of “tower defense” is too primitive and fails to connect with the rest of gameplay resulting in a somewhat disappointing experience.

Always Hidden Assassins Brotherhood develops in parallel with the Templars, their enemies to death, and each chapter is full of fight, some really spectacular when it recruited assassins Ezio or fail to eliminate their enemies by using their entire acrobatic talent. But the assassins are guided by some very strict rules and killing, even if it is accidental, the peasants or bystanders is not allowed.

On the other hand, evolution is more believable characters that happen earlier iterations and almost impossible because of scenes of acrobatics but extremely well made. Ezio especially true faces parkour session we made no hesitation and no bugs that make it the killer to hang half a meter in space where you had to cling to any wall or rock. Everything is perfectly synchronized and that really help to create a highly realistic sensation. Similarly, in the case of Desmon is obliged to fight with real puzzles in which pieces are actually his memories, the movement is fluent and natural and cinematic sequences that I have spoken here manage to complete the picture.

Unfortunately, if in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations we get plenty of action with Ezio and Desmond, the same can be said about Altair whose missions are extremely few and equally to linear.

Game controls are very well thought out and well into their main quality is ease of use. As I said weapons are divided into two categories, but this is only an option but a virtual one that is found in the controls and will ease a lot of work players. Otherwise, leaving aside a few new elements, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations recipe almost totally respect his predecessors or pray, almost entirely because when it comes to multiplayer … things have changed much.

Multiplayer has evolved much from the Brotherhood and now you have at your disposal a number of ways but significantly more than a series of customization options, an improved interface and a completely original story mode.

It’s actually quite easy to say that Ubisoft has managed to achieve an excellent return for single player mode. Thus you have at your disposal like Wanted or Deathmatch mode where you should get the strategy to force but Artifact Assault parties reaction speed and agility which will count much more.

Did not you ever wondered where the name comes Assassin’s Creed series? Well, I give and busily searching for an answer I gave to “Assassins Creed” one set of rules that each member of the Brotherhood of Assassins have to meet any situation that is. There are three in number and each assassin needs to guide all activities in accordance with it, giving even the life before they break.

As you’ve probably realized, I’m already a fan of the series from Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed series went straight to my heart. However there is a problem. A story told not go on forever and already I think Assassins Brotherhood has not told anything and those from Ubisoft about pulling cat tails. Unfortunately publisher is a different opinion, and in 2013 almost certainly will see a new iteration of the franchise. To be honest I would be sorry, although it failed to Revelations all threads knotted story.

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