Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime 2 TF300T Pics Leaked

ASUS Transformer Prime 2 TF300T 01

At CES 2012 ASUS unveiled a new version of their Transformer tablet, TF701, which is basically an upgraded Transformer Prime. Now the a new and yet-unannounced version of the ASUS Transfomer was spotted in a document submitted at the Taiwanese authority that handles the electronics’ certificates. After ASUS Transformer Prime and the 1080p display and redesigned Prime, it seems that we may expect another version of ASUS’ 10-inch tablet.

ASUS TF300T might be the name of the new model that will soon join the Transformer line-up. A Taiwan-based website revealed the pictures of a new ASUS product and as far as we can see it has the design lines of the other Eee Pad Transformer and Zenbook terminals. It seems that we are dealing with a 10.1-inch tablet and a QuieTek certificate gave us a clue about the name of the device – TF300T.

As you can see in the pictures below ASUS TF300T borrows a lot of elements from the ASUS’ freshly-launched tablet. We were also able to see that the back of the TF300T tablet is no longer made entirely from aluminium, but from the same plastic we’ve already seen at the first Transformer generation. This won’t be entirely bad, as it would make TF300T even lighter than the new Prime.

The below device is a reminiscent of TF101 and TF201 and the design of the back lid reminds us of the first ASUS Eee Pad Transformer. Unfortunately, the specs list haven’t been revealed, but it doesn’t seem to be better than TF700T, the 1080p tablet introduced at CES 2012. I am saying this because the camera on the back of the device doesn’t even have a LED flash, thus it makes me think this would be a device with an accessible price.

Is this tablet the 3G version of TF2012, rumored to have been canceled by ASUS? The good thing is the Taiwan-based company used a plastic case, thus there will be no more GPS problems. This was the main reason why the tablet announced at CES came with a new design, now featuring a modified back to eliminate any connectivity issues.

The material seems more like policarbonate than aluminium. ASUS TF300T has a camera placed on the back and the ASUS logo underneath it. Some say that the tablet will be unveiled at MWC (Mobile World Congress) by the end of the month. Personally, I am skeptical about this rumor, as ASUS has a pretty solid approach and they are not throwing “the bait” so close to the launch event. That’s my opinion, but if I’m wrong… it’s a win for the ASUS fans, as they will be able to see what’s with the new TF300T and see a full list of specifications.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer was an interesting tablet right from the start, Transformer Prime came next, which proved how good the Nvidia Tegra 3 chipsets are, and now it seems that ASUS is preparing a third model.

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