AT&T Net Services Outage: Homepage Is Down (Updated)

At the moment AT&T is in the middle of an outage. Not to their website, but to the AT&T Worldnet which can be found at If you have an email from AT&T, then it means that currently you are facing with an AT&T email outage and you can receive or send email messages. The cause of the homepage outage remains unknown, but we will give you more details about it as soon as we have them.

AT&T’s web portal and ISP where you can check your email, news, weather, and other stuff should be back online soon because it’s affecting millions of users across the country who probably need services.

P.S. We don’t know if the outage affects all users. Let us know of your area, time, and if works for you.

Edit at 10:09:50 AM EST: and services are back. Apparently, the AT&T outage is over folks.

AT&T Logo

AT&T Logo

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