Liviu has been with us since the iPhone was unveiled, a moment when he begun loving Apple products. He’s also fond of Android and other operating systems as he likes to help people upgrade their devices with ease. He spends most of his time on the internet, checking out forums and looking for pictures, videos and comics to make him laugh. Liviu also loves his dog, Adda, and he takes her for long walks on a daily basis.

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Nokia Lumia 719 leaks some images, is on its way to Asia and America

It does seem like Nokia is starting to build up quite a nice Windows Phone 7 portfolio with its latest creations, and now one more such device has just leaked a couple of pictures of itself. The device that stole the spotlight this time is the Nokia Lumia [...]

ASUS Padfone Infinity

ASUS PadFone Infinty: from full HD 5-inch smartphone to full HD 10.1-inch tablet

At Mobile World Congress 2013 event in Barcelona, the third generation ASUS PadFone saw the light of day. The new model borrows the Infinity name from the premium products of the Taiwan-based manufacturer and so it becomes ASUS PadFone Infinity, a smartph [...]

Google Earth Android Tablet

Google Earth Updated With 100,000 Virtual Tours Of Popular Destinations

Google has announced a massive upgrade to Google Earth Tour Guide function, which is already available on the Google Earth application for Android, iOS and desktop PCs. In other words, the Tour Guide mode gives Google Earth users a way to explore interes [...]


Leaked Samsung Roadmap Confirms Galaxy Note 8 Debut And Specs

There is not much time until the Mobile World Congress will take place in Barcelona, next month. Usually, the event brings a lot of news and new product releases, but people always want a heads up. Samsung, one of the biggest mobile company on the market, [...]

Windows Blue

Microsoft Could Launch Windows Blue In 2013

Microsoft recently announced that more than 40 million Windows 8 licences were sold world wide, outmatching the figures for the Windows 7 launch. The number of applications available in Windows Store has doubled since the launch, overpassing the 20,000 milestone with some tiles bringing revenues of over $25,000 to the d [...]

iTunes 11

iTunes 11 Brings Radical Changes

About a year ago Apple was launching iTunes 10.5 and now, the popular content management software, has just received a new version. Announced synchronized with the iPhone 5, iTunes 11 is now available for download. Completely reinvented, iTunes 11 has changed a lot compared with what older versions had to offer. iTunes [...]

ZTE Mediatek

ZTE Working On Octo-core Smartphone, Release Date Might Be Next Year

The quad-core smartphones were undoubtedly the stars of 2012, but now you should prepare for a 2013 where octo-core will be the new trend. The latest rumors are coming straight from China, saying that the ZTE is currently working at a terminal code-nam [...]

Nexus 7 and Nexus 10

Nexus 10 And Nexus 7 3G, Google Has Rivals For iPad 4 And iPad Mini

Google presented on Monday the new Nexus 10 tablet manufactured by Samsung and introduced 3G supported on the Nexus 7 tablet co-developed with Asus. Even though the search engine giant had to cancel the Android event scheduled for October 29th due to Hurr [...]

AUO Optronics Display 01

AU Optronics Announces 4.46-inch Display With 1mm Border

AU Optronics, a Taiwan-based display maker has announced today a smartphone display with the narrowest border: only 1mm thick. The touch panel has a diagonal of 4.46-inches and it makes use of the “poly silicon low temperature,” applied to re [...]

Skype for Windows 8 01

Microsoft Introduces Skype For Windows 8

Skype is the application that become popular because of the high-quality of the internet voice-over calls. Since the debut of Skype, the app evolved substantially and now you can make video calls at full HD resolutions. After the company was acquired by Microsoft software giant, many of the users feared that it will become [...]

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