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Samsung and LG Settle Agreement Over OLED Patent Dispute

In the mobile business, the battle takes place on all fronts. Almost every month there is news about some company suing another over patent issues. Some law cases last for years, some are solved in a more “civilized way”. It seems to be the sa [...]


7-inch ASUS Fonepad With Intel Atom CPU Leaked

Until 2012 Asus has been known as a company that delivered only high-end tablets, just like Apple and Sony. However, since the partnership with Google from which resulted the popular Nexus 7, Asus has learned that you don’t have to come up only with expensive products in order to make money. Plus, if you have [&hellip [...]


Devs Show Interest In Windows Phone And BlackBerry 10 OS Apps, Reveals ABI Research

In one of its newest studies, ABI Research shows the platforms shares of the smartphone and tablet markets. When it comes to smartphones, Android is the leader by far, accounting for 57% of all the phones. Second place is occupied by iOS with 21% or the s [...]


Intel Set To Unveil New Dual-core Processors At MWC 2013

From some reason, Intel took a break from the mobile market, but eventually it made a strong return to manufacturing SoCs for smartphones last year, coming with products such as the Motorola RAZR i. So far, Intel has made only Atop chips, all of them bein [...]

GTA 5 Release Date

GTA 5 Release Date Is September 17th

The plans from Rockstar for GTA V seems to be a little late, as the game will not hit stores this spring. Although most likely in a few months we’ll find official details about the new consoles, the studio has pushed the release date of Grand Theft Auto V until the fall. The highly-anticipated game […]


Windows Phone 7.8 Software Update Rolled Out Officially

The main event of the week was surely the release of BlackBerry 10 developed by RIM. However, those who own a Windows Phone-based device had a few surprises as well, such as updates for the operating system, some deals with Google, and Windows Phone 8 syn [...]

Nokia Lumia 920 Vodafone UK

Nokia Lumia 920 Arriving At Vodafone UK As Of January 2013

In the United Kingdom, Nokia Lumia 920 was so far available exclusively at EE. EE’s exclusivity for Lumia 920 will come to an end, as Vodafone UK┬áhas officially announced that Nokia’s Windows Phone 8-powered flagship smartphone will join its [...]


Apple Preparing For Early iPad Mini 2 Release Date

According to a report from RBC Capital Markets, some of the chipmakers are getting ready for the next iPad Mini and Samsung is developing a smartphone that will sport a bendable display and probably an early introduction of the Galaxy S4. Doug Freedman, a [...]


Instagram Can’t Sell Your Photos, The Privacy Terms Were Revised

Instagram has changed its terms and conditions. After reading them, the users understood that the company had the right to sell their photos which led to many closed accounts. However, Kevin Systrom who is the co-founder of Instagram posted a message on t [...]

Huawei Ascend W1

Huawei Ascend W1 With Windows Phone 8 To Be Announced At CES 2013

For the time being we have seen Windows Phone 8 smartphones manufactured by Samsung, HTC and Nokia. Rumor has it that Huawei is on the verge of joining this exclusive club. Even thought the information is not official, some leaks are offering details abou [...]

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