BlackBerry (Onyx) 9700 Review

The BlackBerry 9700 (Blackberry Onyx) is the best that RIM has to offer at this moment: a QWERTY 3G GSM device that combines all the features you love a Blackberry for and the common, easy environment of a 3G network.

The reasons to love the BlackBerry 9700 are not few and far between: 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, a 3.2 megapixel camera, GPS module, the QWERY keyboard, the great looking design, the fast CPU, the trackpad and so on. But possibly the best thing about the 9700 is how well these features are put together.

Just so you can compare the 9700 with BlackBerry’s top device, the BlackBerry Tour, you get 300Mhz more on the CPU (800Mhz vs 500Mhz) and twice the amount of RAM. This translates into a faster, smoother navigating with the phone.

The quality of the BlackBerry Onyx is remarkable with all its components and features being really the best that RIM has to offer and probably the most you can expect from a device at the moment. Read the BGR full review to find out more.

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