Blizzard Fires 600 Employees, Wants To Hire People To Work On Diablo 3 For Consoles

Diablo 3

Blizzard has made an interesting announcement last night saying that it’s reviewing is business in order to reorganize itself. The early ideas suggest that the developer needs to reduce its workforce globally, and as a result, more than 600 people are going to lose their jobs.

The findings of the report say that game development is not going to be affected too much, however, other departments are not going to be so safe. Most of the employees who are going to lose their jobs are working in the marketing department, while the World of Warcraft team will not be impacted at all.

Blizzard’s CEO added that the company has grown a lot in the recent years, and he has to make sure that the trend will continue. Mike Morhaime added that the organization has made a lot of investments in the infrastructure, but changes are made on a regular basis.

As the world is changing, the needs of the company are changing, too. Mr. Morhaime said that he is disappointed to see several team members leave, but the decisions are final, and he’s going to congratulate them for everything they’ve achieved at Blizzard.

I doubt that most of the employees will take this decision lightly, but it appears there’s nothing they can do.

On the other hand, it appears that Blizzard is recruiting new people as well. The company has posted several job ads on a niche siting, and they say that Blizzard is hiring someone to become the senior software engineer console network.

The ads on Gamasutra suggest that Blizzard wants to hire someone to work on game development on consoles therefore Diablo III might be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 after all. Several company officials said that Diablo might come to consoles sooner rather than later, and the third game in the trilogy would be the perfect opportunity.

One of the ads notes that Blizzard is looking for a key contributor on the Diablo team who will be responsible for ensuring the best implementation of sophisticated networking systems on consoles. If these statements don’t mean that Diablo 3 will eventually become available on consoles, then I don’t know what more proof do you need.

Like said, the developer has always been excited by the possibility of bringing its games to consoles, and we’re equally anxious. So far we’re sure that the Diablo III release date for PC is Q2 2012. Let’s just wait for this game to become available on PCs, and we will probably hear more details at GDC next week or at E3 this summer.

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