Halloween Costume Looks and Works Like a Nikon D3 DSLR Camera

nikon halloween costume

The Halloween is fast approaching, thus we thought it would be nice to present you a wired but cool Halloween costume idea. Tyler Card probably has the geekiest Halloween costume this year, looking like a Nikon D3 DSLR camera that actually works. The costume looks very cool and it really looks like a DSLR, but way bigger.

The Halloween costume was built from cardboard, a Dell computer and a digital camera, though we’re pretty sure it’s that easy to build it as you need some skills and imagination.

Unlike the usual scary Halloween costumes, this isn’t scary in any way, but it definitely comes out of the ordinary and it can turn everyone’s head. And it will be easily notified especially because it features a flash too.

You can watch the making of the Nikon camera costume below and also see it working. You can notice that many functions of the camera actually work, like the LCD screen, shutter button, and flash.

If you are a photography enthusiast, we recommend you to dress up as camera this Halloween. All you need is some creativity, tons of patience and loads of spear time. If you are lucky you might even sing a sponsorship deal with Cannon, as this type of advertising has a huge potential, and it seems that Nikon are taking the best out of it.

If you decide to do it and dress up as a camera, you can find all the guidance you need in the videos below, and you will be able to transform yourself into a walking photo laboratory. I don’t know how many guys you will be able to scare in a Nikon Halloween costume, but I am pretty sure that you will capture some memorable reactions!

Tyler Card is a professional photographer and he also must be very passionate about photography, considering the costume he just made. He’s also pretty good at marketing too, because his costume turned viral very fast, which could bring him a lot of clients.

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