Clara Schumann Gets The Google Doodle Homage On Her 193rd Birthday

Carla Schumann

German composer and pianist Clara Schumann, the wife of Robert Schumann, is celebrated today, on her 193th birthday with a special Google Doodle.

Clara Schumann was the daughter of theologian Friedrich Wieck, attended the Torgau gymnasium, where he received his only formal training in piano. Clara Schumann learned how to play piano from her father, who considered her a music prodigy.

Wieck has slowly became obsessed with the success of his daughter, and developed a tyrannical behavior when it came to Clara’s musical education. He forbid his daughter to attend school, keeping Clara at home where all she was taught were piano lessons. Except for her piano and music lessons, Clara Schumann’s education was precarious.

Later, Clara Schumann begun giving concerts in Germany, with repertoire imposed by her father, with works by Friedrich Kalkbrenner, Camille Pleyel, Ignaz Moscheles or Henri Herz. Moreover, Clara Schumann’s father tried to keep her away from Robert Schuman, the famous composer who later became her husband.

Clara Schumann’s father was the one who organized the trips in the cities where his daughter was giving concerts, taking care that all the instruments are on stage and fully prepared, especially Clara’s piano.

After Clara Schumann married Robert Schumann, her father’s influenced diminished, and she begun to play works by composers like Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach or Robert Schumann

Clara Schumann, the German composer and pianist who is today celebrated by a Google Doodle, died May 20th, 1896, in Frankfurt.

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