Crusader Kings 2 Beta Preview for PC

Crusader Kings 2 Preview

I had the occasion to play the beta version of Crusader Kings 2, a game developed by Paradox Interactive. Anyway the current state of the version I played is not the final version of the game that will debut in a few months. If you are not familiar to the basic o the game, I would try to brief you in. Imagine a large scale strategy game, place in Europe and Middle East, where, instead of controlling a nation, you control a single character, who will help you become the lord of a land.

If he dies, his successors would continue his legaacy, and the successors of his successors, and so on. The concept is not too different from the one of Sengoku, but the execution is completely diffrent. In this article I will try to share with you my experience from the failed attempt to become the ruler of an empire. Sure, I could start one, I did this a few times, but the park is more fun when you can come at any second an army invading over you like a bulldozer. Although this does not happen unless you too looking for the candle, the world is surprisingly polite in the Middle Ages.

I would say Crusader Kings 2 is the most beautiful Grand Strategy the studio made so far. The plot is detailed figures can be seen clearly on the map and the image is crystal clear. In combination with absolutely gorgeous music, it only creates an atmosphere suitable for medieval world conquest.

The first thing I noticed, actually the second after the graphic was interface. It works very well even now. The Sengoku’s required a little patience until the first patch to achieve their full potential. Here it is easy to find, reach, and the need to map and can be chunky off-screen. More importantly, there is the option to return to previously visited screens. So every time you navigate through numerous menus and panels of the game, looking for characters, allies or friendly people kidnapped, do not have to fear that you will take a minute to go back where you were before to give a wrong click . Also you can not overlap windows, but the rate increase meant to use that little button.

I was pleased with what I found, I entered the map, and after nine months I was in the screen that informed me that I lost, because Vlad died without offspring. This explains why small country all disappear. I tried again and this time I had more success. The priority was to find a prince consorts, because otherwise, his death also led to losing the game. Interface I suggested a certain Constance, Duchess of Brittany.

I made the proposal, agreed, and forget it, I was not only less likely to suddenly disappear from the map, along with Vlad’s death, but by this union have been an ally you could call in the fight , where I was suicidal. If you do not know, Brittany, France is in the end, so any possible military support had come a year after my men were already buried. I was pleased with the prestige received for the wedding.

Prestige as a resource is required to perform specific acts as a catalyst to establish certain relationships. Joining him is piety, all things related predominantly religious. The way the church works on our land is very different from that simulated in the West. There is no head of all heads to dictate what and how, to excommunicate the grief, that you appoint bishops and grab your taxes. Here I was on my own. Well, not exactly, more was Constantinople, which looked all that I could call orthodoxy and to excommunicate those who enerbeaza me.

Last resource was certainly gold, used just like any other game. For each of these resources available had every ambition. To be the most pious man on earth, the most prestigious and richest. If we collect any in a certain amount, get a title, such as the Great, and some very useful bonus term. During the game I saw only three ambitions, but I know that there are more, because they had other characters from time to time. All were listed in section ambitions and plots, which works rather like the Sengoku, possible targets are just … different.

For example, after I had of her daughter and does everything possible to convince the occupants of the other territories neighbors Romanian small country, most of the Cumans, to leave, I discovered something funny. And no, I mean those Cumans surprise that thousands of soldiers were controlling the massive empire to the east, which happens to belong to three areas that I wanted insignificant. No. My wife had a new ambition Prince, a somewhat unpleasant. He wanted to kill her husband. I also state I wondered why.

What did I do wrong … well, I know what I did, but it was not my fault. You see, in this game are random events, and test version were not even implemented all. It happens that in one of the events, after a summer of festivals that you can organize, during which other events can take place even funny, seeing the prince was a little drunk and ogle her courtesan, has committed an indiscretion . I thought this would be the reason. Or maybe you did not like how I solved that little holy war that I am against the Cumans.

I wanted to win some the battles against them, but they defeated my. I wanted to retreat, bu they came after me. I had money but not enough to hire a mercenary army, which numbered in the thousands, but cost about 300 ducats, and my maintenance fee of about 40 per month. Holy orders of knights did not gave me good day and the situation seemed likely to escape the void. But digging through diplomatic options that I had with the opposition leader, I found the button to kill. I funds for two attempts. The first one failed. I was demoralized, but at least I have not been found, so I tried again. A failed two more, managed to provoke a counter-attack which was to end their life her prince, only that the event started I was offered the option to make a counter-attack against free, and it was successful. I thought that I could console even though I lost, I was able to take someone with me, when suddenly, improbability happened. Now I understand why he felt Kain Soul Reaver when he pulled out of Raziel, when money failed in the margin. The successor to the throne was the daughter of former King Cumans, a daughter who was Orthodox. Instantly, the holy war was invalidated. Their Army retired, I had a truce for a year, and I could happily go back to my cage. But the problem was his wife who wanted to kill me.

On this occasion I managed to use the option of divorce. It cost me a ton of piety, but at least we managed to get rid of Constance. My daughter stayed at the court and a new wife was easy to find after the incident at the festival. All seemed well and good, until I looked again after some time ex-wife. He was happy in Brittany, with a new husband, which as far as I display an icon, planned to kill him. We begin to see a pattern, I think I know why he was widowed in the first place. But he wrote more closely inspecting the icon, there is also the name of the prince passed. I had to take measures which are not proud, but from what I was told, was rapidp poison and painless.

With this problem solved, and a son born the guarantee that I could remain without Vlad and still continue the game, we started development of the region. In town, in all Churches and castles I could build all sorts of improvements that I do not really allowed. But bonuses were more substantial than I remembered it was the Sengoku or EU3. Bonuses of 20% in the army are not overlooked. We had economic bonuses, even some cultures. However, statistics with the prince, his wife and board, plus another learning statistics affect the rate of accumulation of new technologies. This process was slow in EU3, here is stagnant for a small country for nothing. I have not discovered anything new, and I could not pump money into research had not. Evolution was slow, the country relied heavily on the size and technological advance that could be “borrowed” from neighbors. But anyway, it was as if I could discover rocket launchers.

I spent the rest of the time organizing summer festivals (who knows when I gave the next wife), hunters in September (until I got sick of the game so bear with bare hands) and feasts at the end of the year, which improved relations with my vassals.Again, you need vassals, because they can not lead effectively without the kingdom.Here you need and more, because it is hard to be primary in six places, bishop and marshal. Get vassals were part of the council, people who could perform many useful functions. And unlike Sengoku, could work more together in the same province. Use them to accelerate construction, develop armies, to increase research valiant (though not quite have the heart) and to build intelligence networks.You never know when you need it. Like I said, the events are very enjoyable game and have significant results, permanent or temporary. If we beheaded some dishonest merchants, little chance to even riots someone for a few months. If you sleep until noon, when I wake up and take a nap, I became lazy. The seven sins are even part of the game. Are numbered, as well as virtues. I do not know if you get something special if you collect them all. Maybe become Avatar. At least is a good excuse for a unique promotional campaign.

It was very hard for me to win three new regions. Two were parts of Wallachia, so I could build a ducat, Iara prince was now a lead. Only it was about older. Health leaves it little by little, until he became unable to drive.Statistics have dropped drastically, and the illness and fatigue I see your face.Literally, avatar changes according to time and this character. He needed a regent to rule in his name. Then I decided to leave everything in the name of his son, which was only about 7 years. I gave the whole duchy. But before that, as I expand, I granted the Marshal Severin. I mention this because it will matter at once. I do not know exactly how it worked teaching Ducati, but it was enough to ensure the succession, which informed me that the game was to be discontinued. As I was preparing to lose my character, having already 61, I watched the rest of Moldova.Already having a corner of it, I planned to recover the remaining neighbors. Spy chief to try to find ways regions can claim that I may have a cause for war, because not everyone in the area were pagans. While I was busy with that, I noticed something in my region were fighting. Apparently, my Marshal, meet the man who more than any other prince, woke up to power and decided that no one needs. Or maybe it’s sad that Duke was 7 years ago. In any case, said the war of independence for Severin, son of the prince, and was on track to win. So I did what I always went in situations like that. I murdered. The war ended immediately, and I expected to take control of the new generation, only to give an error when trying to organize a summer festival in May.

The degree of detail that went into simulation relationships between the characters is phenomenal. Exceeds the implementation of Sengoku, because there are so many situations in which all land is ready for a war of unification. Crusader Kings 2 is a game that even the patience and handling you can get anywhere dynastic lines.My neighbors have exemplified this well, since one day in Hungary Croatia got the name because the line of succession was heading in that direction. You can change the rules of succession in certain conditions, making handling and greater potential.The only regret that I have is the lack of detail on this region in the world. I hope the final version will be slightly more accurate in this regard. There is not anything that could be called trade or comprehensive economic system, but focus on individuals, say it works. Otherwise, Crusader Kings 2 is likely to be one of the best strategy games of 2012.

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