Diablo 3 Bugs Fixed, Blizzard Apologizes

Diablo 3 Error 37

Three days have passed since Diablo 3 was launched and since then many of the fans who purchased the game are complaining about it. Therefore, the American producer have posted an official statement, apologizing for the way it have prepared Diablo 3 launch, as well for their lack of reaction when the servers were full, cracking because of huge number of players wanting to save the world from the claws of darkness.

As you probably know Diablo 3 was launched on May 15th, and as everyone expected millions of players have assaulted the Blizzard servers in an attempt to stop the hoards of demons. Unfortunately, even though the company have prepared for the post-launch chaos, the servers were unable to support the flux of players. Thus may of the players complained that were unable to connect to the servers and instead of hearing the Barbarian’s war cry they were “cursed” by a rain of errors, like the already classic  The Servers Are Busy At This Time or Please Try Again Later Error 37.

Blizzard is aware of the problem and today have posted a press release apologizing for the incontinent they caused and because the gamers lost the battle against the forces of hell the human infrastructure. The Blizzard officials have made it clear for the Diablo 3 community that they have taken measures to reduce the server problems and have decided to delay the launch of the real-money feature in Auction House in order to avoid any other inconvenience.

Talking about the Auction House in Diablo 3, the same press statement also contains the release date of the real-money feature. Thus the players who discovered unique or rare items they can sell them for real money starting May 22nd.

New details about the status of the Diablo 3 servers are expected to arrive soon, thus stay tuned.

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