Diablo 3 is a disappointment, didn’t meet any expectations

Diablo 3 Disappointment

Diablo 2 has been released 12 years ago and Blizzard finally managed to launch the 3rd version of the game only two days ago. Diablo 3 has been one of the most awaited games in the world and it sold in millions, though many gamers realized that it wasn’t exactly what they expected.

Even if Blizzard worked for many years on the new Diablo 3, there aren’t any significant differences between it and Diablo 2. It follows the same story and the game play is just the same. While some changes have been made in hero skills, it has lost some customization options, while it gained other. Many gamers complain about the new skill upgrade system, which is really different from Diablo 2 and it’s also really confusing for not very experienced players.

Like everyone was expecting, Diablo 3 has improved graphics, though nothing that could make you say “wow!”. But some parts of the game look even worse than Diablo 2 and some things are really confusing.

Heroes have been changed and the old ones were combined in a not-so-inspired way. The necromancer is now gone and everything is very confusing, especially if you are used to Diablo 2. All you can customize now are the skills, which can be combined with runes, but it’s really hard to understand what does each skill do and how the runes affect them. Along with this, you can add items, which can now be traded on the online auction house for either virtual gold or real money.

One more important thing this game lacks and it would have been really appreciated by the gaming community is a PVP mode. Blizzard announced that it will be pushed through an update, though they didn’t offer any clear date, so we don’t know how long we have to wait until we will be able to kill each other.

Blizzard has been popular for creating amazing games, but they really failed with Diablo 3. There are many things they got wrong and all we can do is hope they will improve the game through later updates. Gamers were expecting Diablo 3 to surpass most MMO games once it gets released, but there are a number of titles much more appreciated.

All in all it’s not such a bad game, but it clearly doesn’t meet the gamers’ expectations. And considering that Blizzard has been working on it for years, we can expect major updates to be far away, so we will stick with it the way it is for the moment.

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