Disciples III: Resurrection Review for PC

Disciples 3 Resurrection

After the colorful Might & Magic Heroes VI, the return to Disciples III is like you would force your parents to move your bedroom in the basement. Fortunately, for the stand-alone expansion Resurrection that’s not a bad thing, because the line of the third game of the series is very dark, dramatic events are and are becoming more and, for that death and left their graves and invaded the world of the living.

Things have changed very little in terms of gameplay, the expansion comes with one race, Undead, but that does not mean it’s short. In contrast, the level of difficulty ensures that if you want to go from Easy to Normal is as if you get a punching bag in the picture and certainly takes something to get used not only with aggressive AI, but with the large number of scattered enemies on the map.

In fact, it’s pretty easy to move forward and to get up because you started a fight, but no idea of who and if you survive. Those wolves were simply hidden the rich vegetation of a mountain peak, something that you look confused and obviously the fix when you have not thought of back room.

Narrative presentation is quite high claims, and those who have not passed through the predecessor first part of an excellent summary of events, but further chapters are accompanied only by the text spoken aloud, without a trace of cinematic sequences in addition to beginning and end (and those perhaps not everyone’s taste, consisting of black and white drawings, mostly static). Moreover, events are unclear, and the end, despite trying to be sentimental, given by, and just completely stupid.

For fans of turn-based strategy, Resurrection is a variation on the same subject. Undead castle looks spectacular, but the way the building is still strict, choose only one branch for development of bands from a particular specialization. But somehow it is more interesting because it can vary widely directions to see what fits you best combination of bands is better or more effective in a given situation.

Moving on the map is typical: collect resources, fight, go to all kinds of buildings filled with monsters and preferably out victorious with all the rewards. It should be noted that possession of territory is specific mechanics series: the conquest of a “node” implies territorial and resource control, obviously, that node is not within everyone’s reach and should have adequate troops to successfully confront the guardian of that territory. Similarly, tower construction and learning does not involve magic spells, because they have bought (and big money, I would say), so it must always be alert to financial balance. Moreover, recruitment nothing like the units of Heroes: Leadership depends on the number of monsters, so you will not get to have all slots filled only by military skirmish scenarios.

Struggles going on the same line devoted to just that every battle is preceded by a loading screen, which breaks a lot of fluidity of the game. And out of the battle, for one second you and a blank screen, moments that tend to be annoying for violent encounters are far from rare. There is no script for the very weak forces to flee (as in Heroes) and the Quick Combat can be activated only after you have passed the charge. True, this is quite advantageous because you can always revert to the normal rhythm of the game and take control if you find that the AI ??does a good job. In fact, I could say it’s a Quick Combat in the true sense of the word, but a kind of fast forward to the opportunity to intervene.

AI should not in any way derided, whereas the level of difficulty tends to be very high even in Normal. And at first I appreciated the huge werewolves, units with a very useful special feature: they are immune to almost any type of weapon, even if the clouds break a strike, are ideal to keep the enemies busy and preferably away from the archers much more vulnerable when you approach them. Otherwise, the AI ??successfully used spells and seems to have almost infinite resources to send armies to steal your territories. However, there are so many battles that quickly reach saturation, and already you want to end scenarios you can fly to get rid of three skinny wolves and necessary if the 30 seconds to kill.

Once out victorious from a war hero experience accumulates and eventually increase the level, each time receiving three points to share basic attributes (Endurance, Strength, Intellect, Agility, Dexterity) and two for a tree separate offering special bonuses, including the necessary leadership. And troops gain experience and grow in level, making veterans and transferring the following scenarios, if surviving. Obviously, you should buy them, you are not offered for free, but their usefulness is more than obvious. In addition to becoming more efficient, and troops are differentiated visually, changing its appearance and color range as they become veterans.

Keep the visual line of the original dark, Disciples are always a dramatic series, unlike the more colorful or King’s Bounty Heroes. However, even if no improvement is still spectacular graphics, mainly castles design (black-green interiors are excellent Undead higher buildings dotted with red trim). And multiplayer skirmish or (with maps for up to eight players) and the remaining races occur, so that fans Empire Legion Alliance or did nothing to be upset once you finish the single player.

The maps themselves are very richly decorated, even too loaded I would say at times when you find yourself unwilling combatant, lost among the trees. There is no ground, no walking on water, but it compensates with a series of impressive backgrounds during fights, especially in sieges.

The sound is very well done, the price paid is that repeated terribly much, and besides we have no other dialogues the narrator’s voice, but text boxes that would be best to read them better disentanglement of the story ( on the other hand, a simple choice in technical terms, because Russian actors speaking English well is really hard to find). On the other hand, grunts and screams of battle sufficient to feel the satisfaction of a victory, and visual effects and they are kept well.

Unfortunately, we had and a number of technical problems, especially in desktop or blocking exits unexpectedly during the fighting. No Alt-Tab combination is not recommended, because the game is still just hanging and forced to be closed. Also, the fact that the maps are very large and dense, it’s pretty hard to figure out where you were, where not in what direction it is better to grasp the important point to reach the mission.

Overall, Disciples III: Resurrection is an expansion that includes many hours of caps on shifts, but they come with technical problems and some gameplay choices that tend to become more than annoying as they pass through the campaign.

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