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When you first install the operating system, your computer runs fine and dandy. However, things won’t be that great as time passes as your system will tart slowing down more and more until it gets very annoying to use. You can’t install Windows over and over again because you will lose everything like programs and other tools. The best way to maintain your computer’s performance at a high rate is to use one of the many optimizing tools available on the market.

One of them is called Ace Utilities and it will help you boost the performance of your PC and make it work just like at the beginning. Think of it line a vitamin C for computers. You will be able to optimize your Windows-based PC by performing a set of easy tasks.

Now, lets talk about the functionality of Ace Utilities and what it can do for you. Firstly, lets take the Optimize and Clean Up options. These options give you the possibility to clean your registry of unwanted errors, remove files that have become obsolete, fix shortcuts that are broken and delete the history of your programs.

It’s recommend to repeat these operations from time to time because they are useful for your security too, not just for creating extra free space. It’s very important to delete the registry entries because that action will noticeably enhance the performance of your computer. The more often, the better as the registry entries have a tendency to pile up real quickly. Also, the history should be erased as often because it helps at the protection of your privacy on the internet. Besides, these options Ace Utilities includes a duplicate folder removing tool as well (it can be very useful when you want to organize your photos or music).

In case you delete some files, but there are still remains which you can’t get rid of, Ace Utilities provides an effective tool that will help you erase all the traces. Further, Ace Utilities can be used as a malware remover. Sometimes, the antivirus programs are not able to remove all the dangerous files even if it tracks them. With this application that won’t be a problem anymore as it can safely and effectively root out the files that mange to dodge the antivirus. As an additional precaution, you can choose to shred files from your Recycle Bin (operation which can be activated from the “Wipe Deleted File Data”.

Just like other quality optimizers, Ace Utilities features several utilities such as the autostart manager (which allows you to add or remove the programs that are launched when you start the computer), a disk analyzer and uninstall tool. Some users are too lazy to perform these operations by themselves, others just think that they are unpleasant to do. For all these guys, Ace Utilities includes a scheduler that enables them to program the application to perform all the operations at a more convenient time.

The usage is very easy and you won’t have any problem with it. The application includes all the necessary tools, but the questions is: how efficient are they? I tested Ace Utilities and just for fun I performed the maintenance tools twice. The big surprise appeared when the application discovered even more errors the second time I used it. That was strange because supposedly it should have cleaned it all up the first time.

Overall, Ace Utilities is a very easy to use application that carries lots of useful features which are meat to boost and maintain the performances of your computer. The only problem is that not all features are as effective as the developers claim to be. Also, Ace Utilities is a fair application, but it can’t be compared to more popular ones like CCleaner which is way more efficient and it has the benefit of being free of charge.

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