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Attribute Changer is one of those programs that have been designed to do a certain task and do it well. This specific software has been developed to add a whole new command to your Explorer context menu, command which will allow you to change the attributes of your files.

I know that it sounds kind of dull but seriously, it must have been a moment when you needed to change a file’s date or the time stamp. Surely at some point, the information concerning the date a file was created, modified or accessed was a real fuss for you. You can’t really change the data using just the settings offered by the operating system, so you need an additional application.

You can install Attribute Changer really easy just like any other software. Immediately after the process is finished, all you have to do is right-click on any of your files and folders and you will notice a new function in the system explorer (the Change Attributes function). You can launch the program from there and a tabbed window will be displayed. You will be able to change all the basic properties of the files like read-only, system, hidden, and compress. Attribute Changer is capable of more as it provides you with some highly advanced time stamp tampering options.

The interface is basic and very easy to use. It has no configuration options so don’t bother searching for them. This is not really a downside as you don’t have anything important to configure, thus there is no need for configuration options. Also, there is a handy and comprehensive Help file to assist you in case you have doubts about its proper usage.

Attribute Changer allows you to make very precise modifications by manually typing the desired parameters to input the absolute date and time adjustments. It’s so accurate that it even lets you change the second a program received a time stamp.

In case you desire just to exchange the time tamp info of the item with the current time frame, you can perform that task by accessing the pop-up menu. You can modify all the fields or only the ones you choose. If you want to select a single fields you have to click its check-box and unclick the rest of them (the information will be modified only in the selected field).

In case you don’t have time for all this, the best way is to use the relative date and time adjustments. This feature gives you the possibility to modify the time stamps only bu entering positive or negative numbers in the wanted fields. And based on the values you type the time stamp will automatically adjust.

Attribute Changer is not only able to meddle with the information of files and folders as it can even tamper with the EXIF information of the photos as well. The only condition is that the photos should be taken with a digital camera. Furthermore, you can use the program if you want to set various time stamp parameters in order to include or exclude certain files from changes that match a specific criteria. Hence, the only files that will be modified are the ones that comply with the parameters you define.

As a small tip, you should use the simulation mode that the application provides in order to get familiarized with it and just after you should do the actual modification. This way you will avoid making unwanted changes.

Overall, Attribute Changer is a great application for those who want to modify the attributes of their files and folders. It may not have so many options included, but it does what it says and it’s really great while at it.

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