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Autodesk Maya 2011

Autodesk Maya is an excellent Computer-aided Design ( CAD ) application which contains tools for creating 3D modeling, 3D animations, visual effects, matchmoving, rendering, compositing and simulations.

The Autodesk Maya comprises multiple other graphical tools and because of this it is used to add visual effects and other graphics for movies, tv series and shows, design companies, video games etc. This application is used by designers and graphical artists worldwide because it has a very intuitive interface which can be easily customized to suit everyones needs. By using this great tool, which is Maya, users worldwide will be able to create incredible animations, visual effects etc.

Autodesk Maya included 3D manipulators, selection management utilities, infinite undo selections etc. You can use a complete package of 3D modelling an d texture utilities. The animation utilities comprised are the following : animation layers, constraints, graph and dope sheet editors, expressions, kinematics, skinning support, professional tools for editing animations, Maya Muscle and others similar advanced utilities. See below the other important features :

  • contains lots of optimizing utilities such as data cleanup, polygon reduction and other similar utilities that will help designers optimize interactive displays.

  • contains NURBS modeling tools

  • contains exact spline-based curves and surface construction utilities like lofting, birail, boundary, trim, offset, rounding, square, Booleans etc.

  • it contains editing tools for editing and stitching surfaces that can be detached, aligned, attached, filleted, stitched together and others.

  • it can be used to work with Polygon Proxy Modeling and Subdivision Surfaces

  • contains lots of smoothing technologies such as Subdiv Proxy and also it contains a previewing tool called Smooth Mesh

  • offers a lot of keyframe and procedural animation utilities

  • support for path animations, general keyframing options, animation curve representation

  • contains graph and dope sheet editing utilities

  • it has support for blending channels into a single solution

  • support for Animation Layering

  • you can configure Driven Keys which can be edited simply with the sliders

  • support for Trax nonlinear animation editing, mixing, muting which provides full control over all areas of the motion blending tool

  • support for dymanics and animation muting and also it has Ghosting capabilities and geometry caching

  • provides the exact tools that users need to animate complex digital characters

  • contains Skeletons and Inverse Kinematics

  • supports Full Body Inverse Kinematics ( IK )

  • contains full support for any kind of skinning action

  • it has support for Adobe Photoshop integration

  • it has support for multiple graphics vector formats, like the Macromedia SWF, EPS, SVG, Adobe PhotoScript and Swift3D

Autodesk Maya contains tons of other features and utilities that can be used in any field of work. You should know that the Maya software application has been used in multiple popular movies such as Ice Age, Ice Age 2 : The Meltdown, Monsters vs Aliens and alkso James Cameron used it for his all records breaking movie, aka AVATAR.

It can be used as a Trial version, which provides you with 30 days of free usage or you can opt to buy and register the full version right away. The full version of Autodesk Maya can be purchased at a price of $3495 and it can be used on Windows XP, Windows Vista and now it is supported on Windows 7 too.

Autodesk Maya 2011

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