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CyberLink YouCam is an interesting application that will help you customize your conversations on via webcam by adding some brilliant effects and making it less dull and more exciting. If you are bored of monotonous webcam chatting, then CyberLink YouCam will suite you perfectly because your activity will never be the same.

CyberLink YouCam can work with all important IM clients such as MSN, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, and AOL Instant Messenger. To give an idea of what the application is capable of, think about the fact that you can make yourself look like an alien or weird talking dog. There are many effects you can choose from, depending on your mood.

CyberLink YouCam features effects which can be applied in real time and they can be found in various tabs within the main interface of the application. The effects are different and they include all kind of fake beards and hats, eccentric backgrounds and many other clipart effects.

But this is just the fun part of CyberLink YouCam. Besides that, the application provides a very useful surveillance system that will allows you to always have control over your belongings and always know what’s happening on your property. This utility provides all the features that most professional surveillance systems have, but with a major difference, you won’t have to pay a fortune to get it.

This latest version of CyberLink YouCam comes with significant improvements to the reality technology. This technology enables you to interact with 3D virtual objects using the video preview window, and the effects that the application has to offer are more realistic than before due to its support for TrueTheater and HD video.

Overall, CyberLink YouCam is a fun application that provides various effects for your webcam conversations, but which offers a security option as well.

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