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When you are talking about first person shooters, you are really talking about the descendents of Doom. It was the game that started all this FPS madness. Without Doom, today there would be no Counter-Strike, no Call of Duty (and that would be a shame now, whouldn’t it ?). Doom 2, released only a year later after the original game of the series (1994) continued on the same path, being just as good and even better in some parts. For those of you that want to play Doom 2 again (or those young enough to have never played the game), you’ll be happy to know that Doom 2 is available for free download. You can skip to the free Doom 2 download link below to get the game or keep reading for a little more info about the game.

Doom 2 is not that much about clever puzzles. In fact, all the fun consists in killing loads and loads of monsters to get to the next level or finding the key that can unlock the new level. And there will be lots of monsters in the 30 levels (2 more secret levels that you can unlock) Doom 2 has to offer.

Download Doom 2 Free

Download Doom 2 Free

Doom 2 is loads of fun still to this day. I must admit that the FPS genre has evolved enormeously in these 15 years, but if you are ever looking for a game that is just fun and exciting, Doom 2 might still be an alternative to this day.

If you are willing to give it a shot, press the button below for a free Doom2 download (it’s the full version, not a demo or anything).

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