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Personal information and important data can be difficult to handle sometimes especially if you use a different application for daily activities such as calendar email, contacts, schedule and various tasks. EssentialPIM is a program that will help you of all you private data and program.

With EssentialPIM you will be able to organize your schedules, organize your notes and your To-Do list and manage your contacts. All things using just this application. If you used Outlook in the past then you will be very familiar with the interface of EssentialPIM. It’s really clean and user-friendly, so you won’t have any trouble establishing your daily program. All the utilities of the program are set in the left sidebar and you can switch between them fro there. Once you click on one of the categories on the left you will have all the details showed on the right hand side.

All the EssentialPIM tools and very easy to utilize and contain all the things you need to get you started in organizing your work day by day. For instance, the calendar displays various background colors and colors, but also symbols which indicate the degree of completion and frequency. Using Contacts you will be able to create a list of all your friends from work or school (Contacts feature information fields which are highly customizable).

EssentialPIM works on all Windows versions beginning with Windows 2K and it doesn’t use a big amount of system resources, so don’t worry about making your computer slower than before.

At first glance you will be surprised of how many options are included in EssentialPIM, but unfortunately if you take a closer look you will realize that some of them (quite a few, actually) are not available. You have to purchase the Pro version if you want to use them all. This is very disappointing because I really began to think that EssentialPIM is an application that it’s definitely worthy to go for. You can get the paid version if you want to, but you have to pay $39.95 which I think is a little too much for an organizer even if it has great tools and all.

Overall, EssentialPIM is a useful program, but when you find out that only the Pro version includes most of the great options you will probably not be so keen on downloading it.

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