Download FIFA 10 Free Demo / Full Version

If you are a soccer fan, you definitely played a game from the FIFA series, with you also having high chances of being a FIFA fan (especially since the series is so old that its fanbase is huge). The FIFA series is an entire phenomenon, and the name is closely related to the entire process of the video gaming industry maturing over the years.

Unfortunately, while the 1998-2002 (maybe 2001) games of the series were that much better when compared with other soccer simulation games, the FIFA series slowly started losing ground. And this has very much to do with the fact that FIFA became such a huge phenomenon (it is the most popular sport in the world, you know) that it was EA Sport’s leading money cow. And when a game becomes too profitable, things might get ugly. And it did: EA decided that there is no point in taking risky directions (thus experimenting with totally new ideas that might have been either well received by the public, or hated by the fans). Instead, year after year, FIFA remained the same game, even though it received “ornamental” features. Financially, it was the best decision EA could make: each game (even though some of them received very, very low scores from the gaming press) brought it more money than the precedent FIFA version.

Download FIFA 10 Free Demo / Full Version

Download FIFA 10 Free Demo / Full Version

And I must say that it is a pity that FIFA 10 is not the best game in the world now, because it could have been. My belief that FIFA 2010 could have been a great game is based on the fact that EA sports did manage to improve their other sport sim series such as NBA and NHL up to the point where they were as close to perfection as one could imagine (as a side note, my personal favorites were NHL 2003 and NBA 2002). But this was because those series were still not famous enough to become highly profitable. When they did, EA did the smart thing financially and stopped making better games and start choosing the easy way of making money.

But it seems people are not hard to fool. As I mentioned in the Pro Evolution Article Free Demo Download presentation, FIFA started losing serious ground when the Pro Evolution Soccer series managed to become increasingly popular. Fortunately for you, the gamer, EA Sports started taking directions with the FIFA game. FIFA 10 was supposed to be EA Sport’s comeback to the dominant position. And I must admit that on the PS3, it is simply amazing. But this is because the engine is totally different from what you were used to on the PC.

However, even though some voices say that PES is still the best soccer game on the PC (with FIFA clearly winning the console battle, at least from my opinion), my personal opinion is that the 2010 round is pretty even, with both games being equally good. If you have a console, there is no reason in the world that you will want to buy the PC version (neither for FIFA 10 or PES 2010), but if you don’t have one, my advice is that you try both FIFA 10 and PES 2010 before you decide which one is better.

And what way to better get the feeling of a game than by playing the demo version. The FIFA 10 free downloadable demo version lets the gamer play a full match, so you get the general feeling. The demo for FIFA 10 is free to download using the link below. When you are done with experimenting, you might want to download the free demo for PES 2010 (the link is available here) and compare the two games. It’s basically the only way to figure out what soccer simulation game you like most.

If FIFA 10 is the game you want, the game (both PC version and the PS3 / Xbox Versions) are available on Amazon at $49.99 and $56.99 respectively.

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