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FL Studio

FL Studio exists since 1998 going by the name of Fruity Loops back then. By then the program evolved a lot not only by changing its name, but it has become a very comprehensive and advanged music editing studio. Here I will brief you a little with its most important feature.

Although it may be kind of difficult to understand it, FL Studio’s interface is similar to those of the previous versions of the program. On the left side there is the browse window which will provide you with any file needed, from projects to scores and presets. You can click on any of the items and you will see a list of various elements dropping down. The library containing several plug-ins such as Fruity Squeeze, EQUO or DirectWare can be filled with your own samples and loops. In case you have problems in finding a track, effect or tool, you can use the smart search function that will help you.

FL Studio comes with an original pattern window. Here you will find all the necessary tools that you’ve selected in order order to edit your song. You have the possibility to assign patterns for each instrument. The playlist window can also be used, being split into audio tracks at the bottom and patterns at the top. Your pattern can be colored using the paintbrush featured by the playlist view. The piano roll view can be used to edit your tracks, and can be very useful in case you plug in a midi keyboard.

At first, it may be a little difficult to handle FL Studio, but you should have no problems if you are familiar with sequencers. If you want to have several outputs you will need to create the wanted number of instances, considering that all instruments and samplers are stereo. FL Studio has support for multiple mini-ins and support for foot pedal, so if you want to connect real instruments, you’re free to do it. You can edit any of your tracks with great accuracy using the program’s several presets.

FL Studio can help you create beats being an effective sequencer. And with the browser view along with the numerous editing windows such as the pattern, playlist or piano roll you will have the best of results.

FL Studio

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