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FL Studio is a software which allows users to create music and it’s one of the most rich-featured music production environments in the world. This key features of this program are open architecture, music mixing, composing, and recording. FL Studio 9.0.3 is the result of ten years of sustained and professional work in order to provide the “freedom” to its users.

FL Studio 9.0.3 is the best if you want to “free your audio” as all sorts of instruments can be linked to your mixer, and “free your mind” as you can choose the way you want to work (piano roll and step-sequencer among others). The software supports most audio files like MP3, AIFF, OGG, REX, WAV, and WavPack.

In the 9.0.3 version of FL Studio lots of bugs were fixed like the ones which occurred when right-clicking the piano roll, running the browser, scratching tool, remote control with enabled smooth, and loading old projects.

This is a program which definitely worth watching and using. Just free your mind and develop your own songs!

FL Studio 9.0.3

What’s new in FL Studio 9.1:

  • Browser bug fixed;

  • Edison scratching tool bug fixed;

  • Fixed bug when cutting previews;

  • Priority changed while background is rendering;

  • Remote control bug fixed when smoothing is enabled;

  • Old projects loading bug fixed;

  • Bug fixed when right clicking on the mini piano;

  • If you need to select a different channel, then the KB preview works as intended now.

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