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As usual, a little hand to hardcore DotA players is always appreciated. Today we are going to introduce a nice piece of software in our download list, the Garena Auto Joiner. At version 4.4, this program can automatically join DotA rooms for you, whenever there is an open spot. This means you won’t have to keep the Garena window opened each time, to see when a spot is available.

Amongst its features, the Garena Auto Joiner 4.4 allows you to auto-join single or multiple DotA rooms, updates itself, can be tweaked to use a 5 seconds delay when joining and it’s available in 19 languages.

Although the Garena Auto Joiner is not a well seen tool by the Garena officials, it’s very handy. You can download the program using the link below and use it at your own risk. If Garena detects it, just use the updater that comes with the tool, to check if newer versions are available. The program is constantly updated by its creator, hieubm.

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Garena logo

How to use the Garena Auto Joiner 4.4

  1. First of all, you need to download the program (use the link below) and extract it on the desktop.

  2. Run “Auto-Joiner.exe” and leave it in the background.

  3. Launch Garena, choose the room you want to play and press “F8”. This will activate the Auto-Joiner and you can now do something else. When successful, the program will warn you with a bleeping sound.

Note: If you want to join multiple rooms, all you have to do is press F7 at the beginning and the end of the list. The Auto-Joiner will spam them all. To stop the joining process, press F7 ( or F8 for single rooms ) again. The program works for every platform using the Garena client.

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