Download Google Currents For Android And iOS To Bring Magazines Closer To You

Google Currents

Google has been working on a decent mobile reader application for a very long time and we are proud to announce that the company has released the app for download right now. It’s available for Android and iOS devices, while other platforms will have to wait, possibly forever.

It’s called Google Currents, formerly known as Propeller, and it will allow users to reader magazines and websites on the go. There are lots of reader apps available at the Android Market and iOS Store, but you can never compare official and dedicated apps to 3rd party software. Google Currents it’s absolutely amazing and it comes packed with a great user interface that will probably please most people.

According to Google, Currents is available as a free download on both platforms and it has a few default partners including Huffington Post, AllThingsD, and Fast Company. The application also supports Google+ feeds thanks to Google+ integration. This will allow users to share stories on their Google+ accounts and post comments, likes, etc.

Android and iOS users should be very happy to know that Currents supports RSS feeds and Google Reader subscriptions so if you’d like you can import the feeds from your Google Reader directly into this new application.

Google Currents supports offline viewing meaning that the stories will be cached and you will be able to read the latest news when you don’t have access to the internet. Sure there are downsides to this application and the biggest of them is its US-only support.

The search giant has confirmed that Currents is only available for the people who live in the US on both iOS and Android platforms, but we’re sure that it will go live in other countries as well sometime next year. The Mountain View-based company failed to announce a proper timeframe so we’re going to assume that it’s early next year.

Download Google Currents for Android devices free at the Android Market here.

Download Google Currents for iPhone and iPad free at the iOS Store here.

Go ahead and download the application using the links above if you live in the United States. Let us know what do you think about it and if it’s your default reader app now. If you live outside the US, then tell us if you’re looking forward to get this app because whatever you’re using right now isn’t good enough.

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