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Gran Turismo 5 cover

We are all eager to finally play the Gran Turismo 5, also known as GT5, which will launch on 24 November ( that’s two days away ), but how can we make the time pass faster? Well, simply by clicking a download GT5 / Gran Turismo 5 demo link, located on the PlayStation Network. Although the demo is almost one year old, it can still bring satisfaction to the most fans out there. Some of you may now know the GT5 demo by this simple name, because it is actually called Gran Turismo 5 Prologue or GT Academy 2010 Time Trial. Remember, the GT5 full version will be available in two days, so rush and buy it if you haven’t done so.

The name differs for continents, as USA uses Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Challenge and Europe GT Academy 2010. This confusion was originated by those of Sony, when they first release the Gran Turismo 5 demo for download on PSN. The client had different names, depending on the region from you were viewing.

Don’t be fooled by the European name, as the Gran Turismo 5 demo, a.k.a GT5 Time Trial Challenge is not time limited. You can play as long as you want on this client. The term refers to an online competition that took place until January 27 2010, where you had the chance of topping players for the best circuit time. The fastest 20 players from each state have received a spot in a live worldwide competition, where they were given the chance to compete and be the best.

Returning to our nice little GT5 demo here, let’s explain what you will get access if you download the client from PSN. GT Academy 2010 uses the virtual Gran Turismo world for Playstation and gives you the opportunity to take a Nisan 370Z ( standard edition and tuned version ) in the European GT4 Cup. The circuit chosen is non-other than the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. You may think that it’s small, but considering that Prologue is the second Gran Turismo 5 demo, which had over 1 million downloads in over a week, you may change your mind. It’s worth trying.

Gran Turismo 5 cover

Gran Turismo 5 cover

The GT5 demo received good reviews from countless sources. Even Gamespot claimed that although the game is only one lap long, it’s the most joyful lap you have ever been on. Players worldwide have burned controllers in just one month, when the competition took place, and long after it ended. The demo was praised for its amazing graphics and updated physics, but not so much for the stiff camera.

If you still haven’t made your mind and decided to download free the Gran Turismo 5 demo ( no torrent websites, no cracks or keygens needed, just a PSN account ), hear us a bit more as we say a few word about the upcoming game, in its full version: GT5:

Gran Turismo 5 is the latest installment of the GT series. Developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Computer entertainment, the game will release on PlayStation 3 ( PS3) on 24 November 2010. Actually, GT5 will be the first Gran Turismo game available for PS3 owners. The game completes the demo action and for the first time, there will be a multiplayer mode ( understanding the hype around this game ). The maximum number of players will be 16, which will be the soul of over 1000 cars, divided in two sections: premium and standard. The differences between the two are seen inside the car, where the premium version is tuned for a racing circuit, and even crashes different. As the most realistic car game on the market, this should go without saying.

New features like detailed damage model, weather effects ( snow and rain ), windscreen wipers, optional Stereoscopic-3D resolution, Go-Karting, dynamic skid marks, flashing your headlights, a moving environment ( grass and dust are moved by the car ) and a course editor, which allows the player to make his own circuits, are available in Gran Turismo 5. These are also seen in the GT5 demo.

When talking about the Gran Turismo 5 demo car list, we end up just with one entry. But when we are talking about the full game, downloadable two days from now, we speak of 1000+. Some big names like Lamborghini and Bugatti have made their entrance for the first time in this game, along with a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. For the eccentrics, we got a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Lexus LFA super car and a McLaren F1 road care. Environmental thinking in a video game? A bit useless, but still, the latest hybrid car, Tesla Roadster, will be playable.

A few prototypes will also be playable in Gran Turismo 5, making GT5 demo show as an unprepared scholar. We are talking about the Jaguar XJ13 race car, the Ford GT40 Mark IV and the Ferrari 330 P4. Don’t know about you, but I am surely going with Ford’s. As a cherry on the top of the ice cream, the designers of the game thrown a prototype of their own, that it is said to obey no rules one it comes to circuits. Unfortunately, we could not find out what the name was.

If you liked our little presentation, please consider downloading the Gran Turismo 5 demo. Also, pre order the game from and have it delivered on the day he arrives ( 24 November ). The price is only $59.99.

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