Download GTA: San Andreas Hot Coffee Free Mod, Full Version

Grand Theft Auto is a video gaming series that created a lot of controversy. It is perhaps, the video gaming series that generated the most scandals in the video gaming industry, but nobody cannot deny that it is perhaps the most influential video game series while at it.

Not that we like the scandal, but objectively speaking, the GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee is one of the most popular mods in history. The idea behind is quite simple: you install the mod and you will be able to play sex-games with your virtual girlfriends from the GTA version of San Andreas. Hot Coffee has been been originally designed by Rockstar (the GTA producers), but the feature was cut from the final release due to obvious censorship problems that it might generate (and the GTA series had enough problems as it is, without the head added by the Hot Coffee minigame).

Download San Andreas Hot Coffee Uncensored Mod

Download San Andreas Hot Coffee Uncensored Mod

But, it seems that Rockstar were not able to do their “worst” and then put the mod up for free download. Once the GTA fans started getting word of the San Andreas Hot Coffee mod, its popularity skyrocketed.Personally, I do find the Hot Coffee mod to be only a slightly inte resting addition if I should judge it only by what it actually brings to the game. But judging by the scandal that Hot Coffee created, downloading and using it is a (sometimes naive) punch thrown at the censorship organizations (or maybe a less naive bomb thrown right in the middle, who knows ? :)).

But why don’t you judge it for yourself ? Remember that GTA San Andreas Hot Coffee is an adult mod, and should be installed an played only by gamers age 18 or above. If you are above 18, you can download the Hot Coffee mod (uncensored version) using the link provided below.

To install it, you have to follow these steps:

1. Backup the data/scrips/main.scm and img files

2. Replace the main.scm and script.img with the modified versions contained in the Hot Coffee archive you downloaded.

3. Start a new game, and have fun with your girlfriends.

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