Download Halo 2.0.3 For Mac OS X Free

Halo is one of the most popular shooter games ever developed and it provides and epic adventure for gamers worldwide. Halo tells a story of a man who is the last one of his kind and then combat ensues. You will find yourself fighting in vehicles, hand-to-hand, and even somewhere in space on some kind of alien ring. It’s one of the best games ever created and it was sold in more than three million units worldwide.

Halo 2.0.3 is an update for Mac OS X computers and it comes packed with new weapons, improved graphics, new vehicles, new maps, mouse and keyboard play, sixteen-player online multiplayer, and other interesting gameplay additions. This addon was developed by MacSoft and it provides great multiplayer gaming experience, online games (individual and team-play) like Capture the Flag, Death Match, Race, King of the Hill, and Oddball, 1600×1200 resolution support, new weapons like The Fuel Rod Gun and The Flame Tower, new vehicles, new maps, and more.


This version works with Halo 2.0 and Halo 2.0.2, and it removes CDROM copy protection, while addressing a number of bugs and issues like graphical errors. Halo 2.0.3 comes with Mac Universal Binary sync with PC version 1.0.8, and it enhances performance on PowerPC and Intel systems.

This update is available for free download and you just have to hit the download button below. If you’re running on Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later and have at least 256MB RAM, 800MHz processor, 32MB graphics card, and 1.4GB of HDD space then go for it!

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