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Lost Saga is an online action video game developed and published by OGplanet, a Korean team. Lost Saga resembles with another game created by the same company, called Rumble Fighter. The game features 24 playable characters which are various heroes from different times and space.

Lost Saga features an important number of gameplay modes (nine to be exact). These modes differ from one another, each one of them offering different perspectives, and depending on what you are eager to play you can choose the Beginner, Crown Control, Crusade, Team Deathmatch, Power Stone, Capture, Deathmatch, Custom, and the Boss Raid mode.

The Crusade is a PvE mode in which you will have to fight lots of harsh skeletons. The interesting thing is that in each level, the skeletons will take the skills of a particular hero, so they are pretty hard to defeat. A mini boss is featured every five levels, boss which smarter, stronger and bigger than the average skeleton. In case you play on a lower difficulty level, the mini boss will appear alone, but if you set the hard level, it will be attended by several other skeletons.

The Power Stone mode is called this way because that’t the name of the item that your team has to protect from being destroyed by the enemy team. The goal is to smash the other team’s Power Stone, but in the same time to keep your own, safe.  The winner team will be the one that manages to do that first. In case your Power Stone gets damaged you can heal it by hitting it.

The Team Deathmatch is the classical mode in which there are featured two teams trying to kill each other in order to gain as many points as possible. Each round end in the moment when all members of one of the two teams are dead. When a player dies, he gets tied up in a rope.

The Boss Raid is kind of a strange mode. It also features two opposing teams, and from time to time a certain player is arbitrarily chosen to head on the enemy team and try to kill their boss which is also randomly picked.

The Crown Control mode is more interesting than the previous one. It features a crown which must be worn by one player. The goal is to stay alive in the moment the crown is on your head. You will receive protection from your teammates in the attempt to keep it for a certain amount of time in order to win the round. If you loose the crown, the round will be restarted.

The Deathmatch is similar to all other games which include this game mode. Each player it’s on its own, and tries to gain the most kill points by smashing everything in its sight.

The Lost Saga game now contains a brand new game mode called the Custom mode. It’s called this way because that’s what it is, a game mode which can be customized the way you like. The only difference is that not just anyone can join the custom mode. Only the players with 2LT class 1 or higher have access to it.

The characters in Lost Saga have the health represented by a lifebar. In the moment your health is drained, you will notice that pieces of your armor will start to fall of you. And this is a bad thing, because not only you will not have additional protection against enemy attacks, but your abilities and skills will be lessen as well. Fortunately, you will have the possibility to acquire a new armor, if you find one dropped on the battlefield.

The controls are easy to handle when playing Lost Saga. Of course, this is valid for the simple strikes and combinations. If you want to obtain more advanced combos, you have to have a little patience to get more familiarized with the game. Eventually, you will be able to cause enormous damage to your opponent using the most complex combos.

Like other games, Lost Saga offers the chance to level the heroes up by gaining experience points and gathering various items.

The graphics is Lost Saga are pretty interesting, but not due to the fact that the developers used very advanced technology. The nice thing is that every single map is unique in it’s own way and the heroes have a decent design as well.

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