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Previously this week, we talked a lot about how Need for Speed is the most successful racing game series, and one of the most successful video gaming series ever produced. But you can read more about this in the Need for Speed: Carbon demo download article here. Now, let’s take a step back in time and talk about Need for Speed: Most Wanted, both a personal favorite and a turning point in the NFS series.

After the mediocre critical success NFS Underground 2 had in 2003 (although the game did manage to sell 9 million copies), EA took a major step toward consolidating its throne as the best racing game producers in the world by presenting Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Download Need For Speed Most Wanted Free

Download Need For Speed Most Wanted Free

And Most Wanted rapidly became the most wanted car racing video game on the market. It had awesome graphics, intense action and it also had a new and exciting element: the police. By introducing and focusing a significant part around the “pursuit” system, EA created the perfect stage for Most Wanted’s impressive graphics and fast paced racing. But it also managed to constantly make you feel like you are handling a car that abides to the general rules of physics without the car being too difficult to handle (like in the hardcore simulation games ).

And this explosive recipe did get quite some positive reviews from the media, with many journalists praising the amount of fun you can have with NFS Most Wanted.

Of course, the game was not perfect, as it could get quite repetitive towards the end of the single player “campaign”, but there was enough fun to be had in the 68 separate Challenges the game had to offer.

Probably the biggest problem Most Wanted had was the AI: at the beginning it was both weak and stupid, but as you progressed throughout the game, the AI could become quite a problem for the driver as it did not become smarter, but it did become almost too powerful at some point.

Overall, I would think of Most Wanted as a major step toward the evolution of the series (with NFS Carbon being its sequel and its successor). If you were not able to play the game in 2004 when it was released, you might want to give it a try now. Just so you can figure out what the game is all about, NFS Most Wanted has a free demo version that you can download using the link provided below.

Just download the Most Wanted free demo and give it a try. If you liked it, you can buy the full version from Amazon.

If you feel like Most Wanted is too old for you, NFS Carbon might be an alternative we honestly endorse.  Carbon also has a demo you can try out (visit this page) before you decide whether or not to buy the full version.

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