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PhotoInstrument is a small yet useful application that will enable you to edit your photos.

The installation process is an easy task, so it’s not worth talking about it. When you first launch the program, video tutorials will be displayed in order to introduce you a little in the art of image editing, therefore the application can be used by beginners as well. The interface is pretty intuitive, but if you never used an image editor before it’s better to watch the entire tutorials in advance.

However, PhotoInstrument is not just an application that allows you to edit photos. It also includes several tool that will help you fix and adjust various photo errors such as skin defects and asymmetry. Among these tools you will find brush, liquify (move, push left, grow, shrink, remove), rotate, clone (or healing brush),  blur, sharpen, glamour skin, glow, red-eye removal, brightness and contrast, smudge, dodge and burn, layers, skin cleaner, and others.

With all these tools you can create glamor skin, create several clones of any person you like (yourself as well), remove objects you thing they don’t belong in a photo, clean impurities of the skin, etc. All you have to do is learn how to use the functions and bring your creativity with you.

At a first glance, PhotoInstrument might seem like a basic program that can be used by kinds. In fact, it includes several powerful options worthy of a professional tool. In spite of that it doesn’t use a big amount of system resources.

Sadly, it has its downsides, too. For instance, the hotkey for Undo and Redo can’t be used so, you’ll have to use the green arrows above the photo. Also, when you hit the Undo button, sometimes it can take you two steps back or even more.

PhotoInstrument has a demo version which you can test and see if it’s worth the money. Unfortunately, the demo version doesn’t allow you to save the images you edit. Further, the paid version of PhotoInstrument can be a bit pricey for some of you. However, PhotoInstrument is quite a handy tool for those of you who what to edit their photos the easy way.

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