Optional PS3 4.11 Firmware Update Now Available For Download

PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 4.11

Sony has published a new blog post in order to talk about another PlayStation 3 software update. According to the Japanese company, the next firmware update is now available for download, however, it’s an optional update. It’s been a while since Sony last released an optional update as most new software were mandatory if you wanted to play online or access certain features.

The Sony PS3 Firmware update 4.11 is now available as a free download for users in North America therefore if you live in the US or Canada, then head over to the XMB, then hit Settings, System Update, and let your PlayStation 3 gaming console do its own thing.

Please note that this is only a minor update therefore users who will download it shouldn’t expect too many new features because they are going to be very disappointed. According to Sony, this software update is destined to “improve certain aspects of system software.” While we don’t know exactly what that means, we’re sure that you don’t need it to connect your account to the PlayStation Network.

We believe that you should upgrade to the PS3 4.11 firmware because you might experience less crashes or your PS3 might run a little faster. We are sure that the changes in this update will be available in an upcoming firmware which will probably be mandatory.

Well, start your PS3, download the update, and let us know if you gaming console is running better now or if you noticed other changes.

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