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Rising PC Doctor is a handy security application that contains all sorts of tools designed to do tasks such as scanning your system, and analyzing and optimizing it, and also fixing some of its common issues.

The interface of Rising PC Doctor is nice a vivid and features various possibilities to re-organize all the tools it includes (this depends on what they are meant to do and the way you use them). Nevertheless, you will notice that the menus change from one category to another if you hover the mouse over them, so they are not so useful like the developers want the users to believe. Therefore, you have to be very careful when you move the mouse because there is the risk of always switching categories.

Rising PC Doctor includes a wide and diverse range of tools such as the trojan and spyware scanners for your system’s security, a few file shredders, some tools with which you can repair what’s broken, and a start up manager. However, there is a catch because you can’t really tell if the tools are local or they are online tools. Also, you don’t actually know if they can make a difference whatsoever (this happens mostly in case of the trojans and spyware). Moreover, Rising PC Doctor doesn’t include any kind of preferences menu from where you can make some tweaks to its functions.

Other features are included such as the optimization and analysis utilities. Unfortunately the configuration options are absent, and also, the program is not as easy to handle as it seems at first glance. God thing that the application is free of charge which means that you’ve got nothing to lose if you give it a try. Who knows…maybe you’ll like it use it on the long run.

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