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Over the past few months we talked about a number of viruses, rogues, fake/scam antivirus solutions and other malware that each share a nasty little trait: the do not allow any legitimate anti-malware / antivirus software to run. In the removal guides for those viruses, we instructed you to download a small tool, called Rkill (or does not remove the malware from your computer, but it terminates the malware processes on your computer. By doing that, it allows you to run the anti-malware or antivirus software you need to remove the virus from your computer.

Rkill comes in 4 different extensions (.exe, .com, .scr, and .pif). This is because there are rogues/viruses out there that don’t allow any executable files to be run on your computer. The extension is the one we recommend that you use when you encounter such a problem.

Created by Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional) Lawrence Abrams, rkill is what I would call one of the most useful tools when dealing with malware. Without it, removing rogues such as Internet Security 2010 would be a lot more difficult. is completely free to download and use. Hit the download link below to get it on your computer.

Just as a side note, if the first time you run, it does not terminate the malicious process, try double clicking on it multiple times until it is successful. Now I know that “double clicking on it until your fingers get sore” (copyright given to one of my colleagues here at – it was a joke) might not seem like the most scientific way of dealing with viruses, but it does get the job done, and that is what matters the most.

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