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SetFSB is an application that gives extensive info, diagnosis reports and also is an CPU over-clocking and benchmarking tool.

The SetFSB utility allows users to edit frequency of the front-side bus (FSB) directly from this application’s main screen. To change frequencies you just have to know the motherboard model, after that you click it and select the Get FSB menu which shows the current value of the FSB frequency that can be changed with just a few clicks. If you decide to edit frequencies you should keep in mind that excessive alterations of this action can make your computer stop. If you’re a novice in this field you should perform such action under the guidance of an advanced user.

The FSB acronym comes from ‘front-side bus’, which is a tool that transports data from your CPU to your motherboard, to be exact: it transports data to the northbridge.

You can use the SetFSB utility as a demo at first, which obviously has some limitations and you can’t perform advanced changes. However, the full version of SetFSB can be activated only if you donate some change and the developers will send you an activation key for it. You should also know that the SetFSB installer doesn’t contain any form of malware software that might your PC.

What’s New in Version :

  • added support for multiple other motherboard models

What’s New in version:

  • resolved problem with ASUS EeePC T91 ( ICS9LPR427CGLF )

  • added support for ASUS P5D ( ICS954123CGLF )

What’s New in version:

  • now the ICS9LPR427CGLF of ASUS EeePC T91MT is included

What’s New in version:

  • W196G (ABit BH6 rev 1.1) added

  • new support for numerical value with decimal point : command line switch: -i, -p, -s.


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