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SkypeLauncher is a small but very useful tool that enables you to open more than one Skype accounts on the same PC.

You probably know this, but Skype is one of the most widely used VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) clients on the market having more than 600 million users all over the world. The client allows its users to make free voice calls to people who also have the client installed, but it also allows you to make calls to actual phones (mobile or not) at low costs. It is also known for other features as well such as file sharing, chat, video calls and others. But enough about the client, lets talk about out utility here.

As I said, SkypeLauncher allows you to open multiple Skype account on the same machine. And let’s face it, having more than just a single account can be very useful because you can use one at work, one for your family, one to talk with other acquaintances, and so on (this is just an example of a situation). The problem is that you can’t normally open more than one account on a PC.

That’s when SkypeLauncher intervenes. It puts an end to all this trouble and lets you sign into as many Skype account as you like at the same time. From now on you will have the possibility to keep track of all your Skype calls regardless on which of your account your are logged. The usage of SkypeLauncher is very simple. All you have to do is add all the accounts you have. Of course, the possibility of modifying any of the accounts at any time will be available. You can also add new ones or remove the ones you don’t care for anymore.

SkypeLauncher can be used by average users, but there a lot of advanced settings for the more experienced ones also (which the newbie shouldn’t bother to try). In case you still have something that you don’t understand regarding the usage, you can visit the developer’s official website and read the FAQ. Also, you should bear in mind that if you make to many changes, the application could become unusable.

So, if you have multiple account or planning to create them and want to use them all on the same computer at the same computer, SkypeLauncher is your only option.

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