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SmartFTP is advanced software that allows you to transfer the files on your computer to an internet server.

SmartFTP is a file transfer protocol that works on any Windows-based computer and which includes all the functions of a complete FTP client. The software can be used by experienced users, but also by beginners as it features a very intuitive interface which makes it easy to use.

SmartFTP brings a set of unique options along with other classic features such as downloading and uploading files, passive mode transfers, the possibility to choose from a wide range of FTP connection and the chance to create your favorites.

SmartFTP allows you to connect to more than one FTP connection without any errors or time delays. You can also transfer file from one folder to another using the drag and drop feature. Among others, the application  includes passive mode and site to site transfers although, the most interesting feature seems to be the transfers menu. This can come very handy especially if you want to create queues of transfers (this can be done in a   specific session or globally).

From the moment all your files have been transferred you can set specific tasks to the queue (you can also monitor the speed of the transfers while the process is in motion). If you want to, you can easily customize the menus of the application in order to make it display only the information you need.

The program is very flexible and you don’t need to worry even if you have problems with your internet connection. In case something happens and you get disconnected, SmartFTP has the ability to automatically reconnect and resume all the corrupted transfers, thus your files reaching their destination is a sure thing. SmartFTP has the power to check the integrity of the transfer by using a CRC algorithm and calculating the file’s hash value and comparing it to the original.

I know I said that SmartFTP can be used by all types of users, even beginners. That’s true because of its intuitive interface. However, some of the more advanced features may get beginners a little bit confused about how they actually work.

Even if it could be a bit overwhelming for some inexperienced users, SmartFTP is a really great software having all the features a good FTP client would have, plus some extras.

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