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SPSS Statistics 17.0

SPSS  is one of the most used programs for statistical analysis in social science. The program is used in many fields. Education researchers, market researchers, health researchers, survey companies, even the government, they all use this program.

SPSS has a set o features which simplify programming. The program’s datasets contains a table structure with rows and columns. The rows represent cases and the columns represent measurement like age, sex, etc. It has only 2 defined data types ( text and numeric).

It has an user interface with 2 views that you can toggle with a click on one of the two tabs in the lower part of the SPSS window. You can see a spreadsheet view of the cases and variables.

SPSS Statistics 17.0.2 will help users in different fields to work together and obtain the best results for their companies.

These are some important features of SPSS 17.0.2:

  • SPSS Missing Values add-on module ( a feature that allows you to estimate data in case of missing files )

  • Enhanced Syntax Editor: a features that creates, corrects, and test syntaxes fast and with a very small number of errors

  • it can generate new interfaces, so that even the beginners will consider the program easy to use

You can download SPSS 17.0.2 from our web site for free, and after the trial you can buy it for $425.00.

SPSS Statistics 17.0

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