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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an RPG designed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game follows The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and is the fifth title of the popular series.

When it comes to the gameplay, Skyrim has the same nonlinear gameplay as the previous installments. The game features a wide map which can be explored by the players whether on foot or on horseback. After you explore the whole map or at least a major part, you can fast travel to towns, cities and dungeons. You will receive all kinds of quests from non-playable characters. The quests can be changed through the Radiant Story , but the changes can have an important influence over the objectives and the characters.

You will be directed by the Radiant Story towards dungeons that haven’t been explored. These dungeons will be set as quest locations, thus you will have the possibility to two both things at once meaning exploring the open world and completing quests. You have to realize that you won’t spend the entire time completing quests, and you can also have conversations with non-playable character and they will frequently request you to do them a favor or help them with their training. In other words, you have the scripted quests which are mandatory, but in the same time new ones will be dynamically generated, thus the possibilities could be endless.

Some of the NPCs you interact with could be very important to your campaign because you never know which character will become your companion and help you in combat, and you can also marry one of them. If you want to, you can join factions. The factions consist of several NPCs which are well-organized (the Dark Brotherhood, an assassin’s group, for instance). Every single factions has its own headquarters and you have the chance to progress through their quest paths. You can stimulate the economy of the cities or towns by taking various jobs like farming or mining. Also, the economy can be decreased if you sabotage industrial buildings.

When you begin playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you can choose one from the three races of characters meaning human, anthropomorphic and elven. A primary element of the game is the character development. You can customize the appearance of your characters which, of course, comes with several natural abilities depending on the race you’ve chosen. Every single ability is represented by a number (the skills). While you play you have the endless goal of improving the skills of your character. There are many skills, 18 to be exact, which are all divided between three schools of combat, training, magic and stealth. Each school has six skills and they have to be increased to gain the necessary experience in order to level-up your character. If in the previous games a class system determined which skills would provide the upgrade of the character, now that system doesn’t exist anymore and you have the possibility to choose your desired play style and naturally level-up the character. In the moment the character gets upgraded you can either select a perk (a skill-specific ability) and use it, or you can save the perks in order to use them in other occasions. The character can normally be upgraded 50 times, after which you can keep on earning perks and level-up, but you will notice that the process will go a lot slower than before.

You will be warned by a heads-up display any time on of the attributes are being drained(the character has three attributes). For example, the health will be consumed when you fight the foes and can be restored with the help of various potions, spells or by simply resting. You have to be careful because if you lose all your health, the next step is death. The Magicka attribute allows you to perform spells, but that is how it is depleted, too. You can choose to let it rejuvenate by itself (this could take a while) or you can restore it like you do with the health. The stamina is the third attribute and can be exhausted when you jump and sprint. Again, you can restore it like in case of the other two attributes. All the players have an inventory that consists of various useful items and can be accessed using the menu (you can view the items in 3D). You will need the items when you will have to solve puzzles which you’ll find in dungeons.

The weapons as well as the armor give you the chance to be very effective in battle. These items can be created at forges or you can simply buy them. Magic is also very useful and you can buy it or unlock it. You can use both hands in battle, each one holding a different item (both weapons and magic). Which items will be hold in battle, it’s up to you, but you can swap them out choosing your favorites from the menu. The shields can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes. You can use it whether to deflect the attacks of your enemies or bashing attacks. When it comes to close combat there are several weapons which can be used such as bladed, blunt and hacking weapons. All of them have their advantages and roles, and each has the power to finish an adversary. For long-range combat you can use the bow and arrow (the bow can also be used as a defensive weapon). You can kill your enemies in various ways from face-to-face combat to stealth combat. Another thing you should remember: in case you drop an item that you don’t need, the item will be picked up by NPC. You’ll see that some will even ask for your permission to take the item.

The foes won’t be the only dangerous creatures that you will have to face. During your map exploration you might encounter wild monsters which usually are hostile, thus you can kill them as well. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has dragons included which will influence the gameplay as well as the storyline. The dragons can be encountered either in small group or alone. The interesting thing is that they are generated randomly, which means that you can encounter an infinite number of dragons which, by the way, are very dangerous and can attack the cities when you less expect. However, not all dragons are hostile and with those specific ones you can interact. If you pay attention to the story you will notice that early in the game, it says that the character is Dragonborn, thus it can make use of very powerful spells named dragon shouts. You can visit the dragon walls in the dungeons in order to discover the dragon shouts (they are twenty different shouts). You have to absorb the souls of slain dragons in order to unlock the shouts.

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