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Every time a friend asks for help because he has a problem with his PC I usually connect with him via a program that allows screen sharing. There are multiple applications that can be used for this matter, but the main problem with this kind of software is that there are very heavy on bandwidth and if the certain friend has a lousy internet connection, solving his issue may become a real inconvenience. Not to mention that the beneficiary has to have the software installed on his computer because otherwise everything else is just pointless.

UltraVNC an easy to use and a very useful alternative for all the screen sharing software because it packs some benefits that others don’t have such as the fact that it’s really fast and free of charge. It can do the same job like any other similar application meaning that it displays the screen of another PC, but a lot faster.

You might ask why is UltraVNC so fast. Well, the main reason is that the developers have done a great job in designing it, and it’s also a light application which helps with the speed. And yes, that someone on the other side of the connection has to install the software as well, but you can’t do it any other way.

When you install the program you will be required to select the exact way you plan to use it (as a client, as a server or both). For that, you need to go through a few configuration steps which are not difficult, but in case you have no experience configuring a program such as this it’s better to leave all the options in default mode and proceed with the installation. If you choose to use UltraVNC as a server you have to enter two distinct passwords (one for the view mode and the other for the full control of the computer). If you choose to use it as a client, you just need to type one password and the IP of the server.

UltraVNC features a lot of options such as a viewing toolbar, the ability to transfer files from one computer to another, text chat, scaling options and others.

As an overall conclusion, UltraVNC is a really fine piece of software that has the ability to dazzle anyone who used a similar application in the past due to its easy usage and the fact that it doesn’t cause any bandwidth problems (plus, it even lets you pick the resolution you want for the remote machine), but the thing which is really amazing about it is its remarkable speed which allows fast connection and file sharing. So, hurry up and get your copy now, it has less than 4MB, thus you will be able to download it in just a few seconds.

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