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Windows 8

Shortly after Windows 7 was official launched, the rumors about the new Windows 8 hit the web. Windows 8, the next operating system coming from Microsoft, is expected to hit the market somewhere at the end of 2011, although the software giant haven’t talked about it yet.

It seems that Windows 8 will be available for three types of gadgets: desktops, laptops and tablets.

Rumor has it that Windows 8 will bring new technologies like USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0, which provide better speed compared with the 2.0 version available for Windows 7, Vista and XP. Windows 8 will now come with webcam drivers that will help you log into your accounts using the Face Detection feature, so you will no longer need passwords.

Windows 8 Build 7850 Milestone 1 was leaked on the internet less than one week ago, and some enthusiasts found some ways to activate Windows 8 and remove time bomb. But if you hadn’t had the chance to get your hands on Windows 8 Build 7850 Milestone 1, learn that it is a trial version, so it will expire after 30 days. So, some smart guys developed KMS Activator and Timebomb Remover for Windows 8, so the annoying activation and time bomb windows won’t trouble you anymore.

So, if you want to enjoy the leaked Windows 8 Build 7850 Milestone 1 and get rid of the annoying messages that come with the trial version of the Microsoft operating systems, take a look at the KMS Activator and Timebomb Remover.

Microsoft refused to comment about Windows 8 leaks, but we already seen the company launching the operating systems only after they pass some multiple testing phases. It looks like Microsoft is in a hurry to launch the new Windows 8, which will be built on a platform more common for smartphones and tablets (ARM microchip arhitecture). Windows 8 will come with enhanced graphics, 3D support, facial detection and Windows App Store access.

The new Windows 8 is a step forward towards the tablets launching, given that Microsoft is already two device generations behind Apple and Google. By launching Windows 8, Microsoft hope that the Windows XP users will be finally convinced to update their OS. Microsoft is unusually selective regarding the infos about Windows 8. The company have revealed beta versions of their applications, but now it works hard away from our eyes. Some experts say that Microsoft doesn’t want to stop Windows 7 expansion, given that it was launched only 17 months ago.

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