Windows 8 Release Preview Now Available For Download

Windows 8 Release Preview

Microsoft have launched Windows 8 Release Preview, the last version that will be released ahead of the final version. The operating system comes with support for 14 languages and you can download it here.

Windows 8 Release Preview integrates the Internet Explorer 10 web browser, comes with Adobe Flash support and brings a suite of new Windows Applications, which, among others, will allow the user to connect with Hotmail, SkyDrive and Messenger.

Since the last build was launched, Windows 8 Consumers Preview, in September 2012, millions of users are already using the latest Microsoft operating system version, and the Release Preview is the result of millions of testing hours, say the Microsoft officials, on the company’s official blog.

Rumor has it that the final version of Windows 8 will be launched, most likely, in October.

Until now, Windows was developed exclusively for x86 and x64 devices, but now Windows 8 will become available for three different platforms.

The first one, called Windows RT, was designed for the tablets and devices underpinned by chispets manufactured on ARM architecture, while Windows 8 and Windows Pro will be compatible with other device models.

Windows Pro will benefit from the Windows Media Center add-on. The add-on can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website, along with other tools for encryption and PC management.

We’ve recently told you that after the new Microsoft operating system is officially released, 40 PCs and 5 tablets pre-loaded with Windows 8 will debut on the market.

The new Windows 8 will be able to boot in only 8 seconds, and the system installation will only take 52 minutes, while an upgrade to Windows 7 usually required an average of 513 minutes. According to an article on the official Building Windows 8 blog, the system will be installed with only 11 clicks.

The new Windows 8 operating system will come with an online application store, where the developers with publish applications, in a way similar to Apple Store or Android Market.

More details about Windows 8 Release Preview and the final version of Windows 8 are available on Microsoft’s official blog.

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