Download Xbox Companion For WP7 And My Xbox Live For iOS Now To Control Your Xbox 360 on The Go

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After the Xbox Live Dashboard update, Microsoft has also released the Xbox Live application for iOS and Windows Phone 7 devices. The applications are very similar on both platforms, however, the WP7 version packs more features due to understandable reasons.

The iOS app will give you access to your Xbox Live account where you can read as well as send messages to your friends, manage your friends’ list, accept new invites, send new invites, edit your profile details including name, biography, and motto, customize your avatar and change its features, view achievements, and compare them to your friends.

These are pretty nice features that you can access from everywhere and it’s one of the most expected applications of 2011 as many iOS users wanted such app since forever.

On the other hand, the Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango devices is simply amazing. It allows you to control everything in Xbox Live and search for new content using Bing-powered technology. WP7 owners can search for movies, TV shows and TV series, games, songs, and applications for their Xbox 360.

In addition, the app gives you details about the movies, games, and all content that you’d like to download on your Xbox 360.

The Xbox Companion app for WP7 also gives you the possibility to view your recent activity like music history, played games, and what applications you accessed. Also you can check out the recent activity of your friends, their achievements, who is online, who has beacons, what games they’re playing, and other related stuff.

This application works with any WP7 device that is running on Mango and it will turn it into a Xbox 360 remote. You just need to introduce the correct Xbox Live account linked to your gaming console and then you can play movies / songs, pause them, fast forward, rewind, buy new content, or simply navigate through your console using your smartphone.

Microsoft has done a pretty good job in delivering the Xbox Live Companion app so soon in order to raise the Windows Phone 7 awareness just a little bit. We remind you that the Xbox 360 and Kinect just had the best period in their history during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday week when more than two million consoles and sensors were sold.

Download My Xbox Live free for iOS right here at the iTunes Store.

Download Xbox Live Companion free for WP7 right here at the Windows Phone online store.

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