Email Malware Spreading Early In The Morning, Says Report


According to a report released by a security research firm called Trustwave, between 8AM and 9AM virus outbreaks are reaching their peak. Looks like it’s best to check your email later on the day as the number of viruses and executables sent in the first hours have recently increased. These attacks are an attempt to catch people as they’re checking their emails at the beginning of the day, at least this is what the Global Security Report stated. So after all it is best to peacefully take your morning coup of coffee, rather than check your email? No not all, you can do both, but you should use caution when opening all sorts of fishy emails.

This report was based on data collected from more than three hundred incident responses, and forensic investigations from 18 countries around the world, while a huge number of emails were collected from 2008 until to 2011 – over 16 billions emails to be more exact. The people from Trustwave did a tremendous amount of work, and came up with this report that reveals vulnerabilities, security trends and much more. This report concluded that the viruses went up in August, and reached a peak in September. It appears that more than 3 percent of viruses which were sent via email, were sent in August and September.

The report stated that in most environments the time from compromise to detection is about six months, so if these methods are successful, March this year should be a busy month for incident responders. Now, let’s see what cybercriminals are looking for – the #1 thing attackers are looking for are customer records, which can reach almost 90% of the breached data that was investigated. On a distant second place in cybercriminals attacks, are trade secrets and intellectual property come second with only 6%.

Due to the fact that industries with franchise and chain stores use the same IT systems across their business, this turned them into top targets. Once a cybercriminal makes a breach into one franchise store system, most likely, they can get into multiple locations. Investigations in 2011 revealed a pattern for cyber attacks in franchise business with more than 30%. After analyzing more than 2 million business passwords Trustwave, concluded that the most frequent global business password is Password1 which may sound like a joke, but it’s not. This article is not meant to inhibit people from checking their e-mails in the morning, but to use cation when doing so, and pay attention to spam and fishy emails, in order to not become a victim of internet thieves.

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