Facebook Estimates 83.9 Million Accounts Are Fake

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Facebook Inc has become a public company, thus it has to publish a report of its earnings every quarter. But last week’s report didn’t include only money related numbers, but also the number of active and inactive users of the social network. The numbers are pretty impressive as Facebook has 955 million monthly active users and 543 million monthly active mobile users. However, the company published another report a couple of days ago which shows that almost 20 per cent of the mobile users (meaning 102 million users) accessed Facebook In June alone from mobile devices.

OK, but these are raw numbers because, in fact, many of the Facebook accounts are fake or unused. According to the company’s estimations, 8.7 percent are fake meaning 83.09 million accounts. It’s strange because  there is an important difference comparing to Facebook’s last estimate (both in actual numbers and percentage). The last estimate was made back in March when the company claimed that the false or duplicate accounts are between 5 and 6 percent meaning between 52.25 million and 50.70 million users.

Considering the numbers, the first impression would be that an important amount of fake accounts were created in the last few months. Well, it’s not quite like that. The difference between the estimate in March and this one is that Facebook is being more accurate in specifying which false accounts it’s tracking. Back in March, the only listed accounts were the false and the duplicate ones. Now, the company is breaking down the numbers in the following categories: duplicate accounts (4.8 percent), undesirable accounts (1.5 percent) and user-misclassified accounts (2.4 percent). Facebook explains that some of the users have more than one account. Even if Facebook’s terms of service are violated, some people still have this kind of behavior which the social network is trying to suppress.

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