Free Car Media and Driven Media Pays You For Driving Your Car Around Town

This is somewhat odd, but I thought it’s useful for all of you as it can help you raise some extra money. If you’re a person who spends a lot of time in the car, then you should know that a company called Free Car Media exists and it offers you money for driving your car in busy areas. We don’t know if this is a scam, but there is another company called Driven Media which says that you can raise as much as $350 to wrap your car in a lots of ads and you only have to drive the car around your city so that you can get as much exposure as possible.

Free Car Media as well as Driven might be a scam, but it seems like there are lots of people who would like to become a Brand Driver and who can make more than 1,000 miles / month with their car. Driven Media is looking for busy person with active kids who need to go a sports club, at an event, or wherever there is a lot of people, sales executives, delivery person, limo services, or just active adults who can take the media campaign in high-profile communities.

Like said: we don’t know if this is a scam, but nobody in our team knows someone who got paid for driving his card wrapped in ads. This thing looks like a scam because many people are thinking that everybody could do this, but it’s not that easy to get accepted. It’s possible, and you can read more at Driven Media’s official website here, or at Free Car Media right here.

Free Car Media: Scam Or Not?

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